Too Many People Paid Money To Wait In Lines At The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Cookie Con & Sweets Show

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Dessert, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Cookie Con & Sweets Show returned this past weekend to its new home at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As the name suggests, this event featured all manners of sweets and desserts, but especially cookies and anything related to cookies. From traditional cookies to cookie sandwiches to cookie ice cream to cookie cups, if it had to do with cookies, attendees would find it here. For this second year, in order to attempt to accommodate more attendees, the organizers moved the event from the Pasadena Convention Center to the Los Angeles Convention Center, and made the event last two days. They also increased the price of admission from $17 to $50 in an attempt to curb the sheer amount of attendees. However, this still had no effect on admission, as the event still sold out.

For the second time running this event, one would think that the organizer ironed out all the kinks by now, but alas, the infinite lines still existed. While general admission started at 11am, hundreds of attendees remained outdoors in line to scan their tickets for an additional half hour. Once inside the building, general admission attendees had to wait another half hour or so to finally enter the convention hall where Cookie Con would take place. Finally inside, all the attendees faced lines upon lines for the few vendors that had samples. At this Cookie Con, less than half the vendors had actual samples for attendees to try – most of the vendors set up to sell things, such as products or services. Basically, attendees paid $50 in order to wait in lines to spend even more money. At this rate, eating $50’s worth of food would only occur if this event had a quarter of the amount of attendees so that everyone could efficiently reach the front of lines. In reality, it took half an hour of waiting in each line to finally get a sample of a cookie or some other dessert.

Knowing how the organizer runs things, they will likely bring Cookie Con back next year. Do yourself a favor and avoid this event – just independently support the businesses on your own, such as Velvet Rope Bake Shop or Bad Pickle Tees. The Cookie Con site (linked above) has a full list of all the vendors. By directly supporting the vendors, you omit the middleman, and you get to select what you want without the hassle of dealing with crowds of people and the dozens of strollers taking up space. The layout of Cookie Con greatly resembled Sugar Rush, which cost less to attend, had just as many free unlimited samples, and did not have as many people, allowing attendees to eat to their hearts’ content. Plenty of other dessert events will come up soon in the greater Los Angeles area, so check out my weekly events post every Monday to see how you can satisfy your sweet tooth.


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