Pork Yeah! Abricott’s Sweet Pork Bowl

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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Food has become a cornerstone in today’s society. Everyone around the world can unite over food as a universal language. Technically anyone can call themselves a food expert because they have eaten food their entire lives. But what does it take to truly hold the title of expert? Does an expert need to know how to cook? Does an expert need to know how to identify ingredients? Does an expert need to recognize multiple types of cuisine? For the most part, everyone can agree that a food expert simply loves food and wants others to also enjoys the joys of food. Looking at all the different types of cuisines out there, Asian cuisine transcends far. Everyone enjoys Asian food for its diverse portfolio of flavors and its health benefits. Asian food typically uses fresh ingredients without bad ingredients like grease or oils, so they taste great without the guilt. Asian food exists all over the place too, such as at Abricott in Pasadena.

Nestled in an area drenched in corporate businesses, Abricott (Facebook) represents the local restaurant doing great things in a competitive area. Customers can best describe Abricott as a Euro-Asian place with its eclectic mix of Asian dishes, French pastries, and gourmet coffee & tea. They used to open for breakfast on weekdays, but have since changed to breakfast on weekends only. Regardless, Abricott still carries a wealth of amazing and delicious eats, such as their Sweet Pork Bowl. The Sweet Pork Bowl contains grilled pork belly served with a fried egg, pickled vegetables, scallions, sautéed mushrooms, and choice of brown or jasmine rice, topped with sweet soy sauce. The sweetness of the ingredients gives way to the true savory taste of the pork belly, and perfectly accents the meatiness of the belly meat. The sauce tends to congregate towards the bottom of the bowl, so for health’s sake, avoid the pool of sauce at the bottom of the bowl and focus on the goodies up top. You can munch on this bowl of yummy stuff for $9.95 during lunchtime at Abricott down on South Lake Avenue in Pasadena.


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