Wow Do These Folks Like Coffee At CoffeeCon LA 2016

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Breakfast, Dessert, Drinks, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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Americans love their coffee. Visiting and inhabiting coffee shops represents a traditional American pastime. Business meetings, clubs, and first dates all do well with coffee in hand. Americans love their coffee so much that they dedicated events towards the love of coffee, such as at CoffeeCon LA 2016. Taking place at The Reef in Los Angeles this past Saturday, this java-themed event featured all things coffee, from various types of coffee to coffee edibles to coffee equipment and more. Dozens of vendors sampled their brews, both hot and cold, while a handful of other vendors exhibited their coffee complements, such as candy, desserts, and other food. Many other vendors exhibited coffee equipment, such as machines or presses used to brew coffee. Throughout the day, seminars would take place detailing various topics about coffee, from the origins of certain types of coffee to how to utilize coffee in the culinary sense.

CoffeeCon drew a large crowd, as evident by the crowded halls of The Reef. CoffeeCon LA 2016 took place in The Reef’s basement, as opposed to the floor above ground with significantly more space. The tighter space coupled with over a thousand visitors made for tight quarters. Regardless, I still managed to see many of the vendors, especially Portola Coffee Roasters and their line that wrapped around the aisles. Of particular note, Bona Fide Craft Draft caught my eye as a mobile coffee vendor. They essentially rent or staff coffee taps for special events, similar to food trucks, but they come with the option of filling the taps with whatever the client chooses, as well as the option to allows patrons to self themselves.

If not for the really tight space, I would have thoroughly enjoyed CoffeeCon LA 2016. However, the difficulty of navigating plus vendors not having enough samples meant that visitors paid a good amount to enter, only to have to pay more to buy stuff here, kind of like paying for a car then having to pay for gas to drive it. For more information regarding future CoffeeCon events, check them out on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.


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