Beer Up – Bear Republic Brewing’s Grand-Am American Pale Ale

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Beer
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Special events give fans a treat to enjoy something in real life. People can see events any time from the comfort of home on television or as replays online. While this means getting a free view of the event with proper sound and a camera angle that shows the important parts, it does not come with the ambiance of attending the event. Watching an event simply gives the result, while actually going to the event yields a completely different feeling. For example, watching racing can get boring after a while because you see cars going around a track dozens to hundreds of times. However, actually going to a race, such as NASCAR, comes with a much more exciting feeling, like riding a roller coaster. You can watch people ride a roller coaster, sure, but riding it gives a more exhilarating feeling. One cannot understand the thrill of racing without attending an actual race, something that the team at Bear Republic Brewing understands.

As no strangers to the racetrack, Bear Republic Brewing started with a passion for both the track and craft beer. However, most races come with generic macro beer, leaving the craft beer enthusiasts left out. Enter Bear Republic, a brewery that has churned out quality beers for two decades. Based in Northern California, Bear Republic has remained a staple in any craft beer enthusiast’s portfolio because they choose to focus on quality over quantity. You can find their passion for quality in their Grand-Am American Pale Ale. Inspired by the brew team’s passion for the racetrack, this American Pale Ale combines classic and new American hops with a distinct malt foundation. Sitting at 6.0% abv and 50 IBU, Grand-Am American Pale Ale makes for a perfect balanced session ale that pairs well with any type of food.

As mentioned above, Bear Republic has done great things for two decades. You can revel in this legacy at their 20th anniversary celebration coming up next month on February 29th. Of course, this means traveling to their brewpub in Heraldsburg, but you can expect great things at this event. For more about upcoming brews and events from Bear Republic, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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