Pork Yeah! Grinderz’s Pigsty Fries

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Bacon, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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People have an unexplainable love for fries. Something about deep-fried sticks of potatoes makes people love them so much to add them to most meals. It has no nutritional value – it only exists to harbor salt and other condiments. Yet to this day, people still go nuts for fries just about anywhere. It started off as a simple cheap side to a meal, but grew to fame so much that it eventually turned into its own category of food. These days, fries exist as more than just a side – fries have turned into complete entrées that can feed one or a group. You can put just about anything on top of fries to make it an entrée – the possibilities have no end. As a blank canvas, you can turn fries into any cultural dish too. Throw some carne asada and guacamole on it for Mexican. Toss in BBQ beef and teriyaki sauce and you have Asian fries. If that sounds too complicated, take it back to basics, as Grinderz has.

When coming up with a winning product, two routes exist: you can invent, or you can reinvent. On one hand, creating something brand new comes with great risk that nobody will want said new item. On the other hand, you can only redesign something so many times. If attempting to redesign something poses a roadblock, why not just go back to basics and make the base item significantly better? Enter Grinderz, where they take a classic approach with an old timey burger shop and bring some modern flair into it. The bare bones menu at Grinderz resembles another overhyped Californian burger institution, with simply burgers, fries, and drinks. Grinderz does their own thing by doing food right with high quality ingredients and customization for your order. To taste the true flavor of Grinderz, go towards their Pigsty Fries, which resembles another famous place’s fries, but better. Grinderz takes their beer-battered fries, then tosses them with caramelized red onions, cheddar cheese, thousand island dressing, bacon, and avocado. You get enough to feed up to four people, or one person with a massive appetite can devour this bowl. Either way, after you try this, you will crave this more than the other famous place’s fries.

Grinderz has a Facebook and Twitter, but it appears that they rarely update them. If you like their food, support them liking/following them on social media!


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