Beer Up – Hoparazzi Brewing Has Finally Opened Their Tasting Room With Delicious Fruit Beers

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Beer, Orange County
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The craft beer community in Orange County continues to grow at an alarming rate with no slowing down in sight. 2015 marked a dark year for craft beer across the country due to all the big companies buying out some of the favorite brands of craft beer. Between the growing number of fans to the beer bars & restaurants cropping up everywhere, microbreweries grow faster than the big companies can stomp them out. Orange County has a decent amount of established breweries already, and that number will rise even more this year. In fact, in just the first month of the year, a brewery has finally opened their doors to the public after years of teasing craft beer fans at local beer festivals. At last, we can finally enjoy what Hoparazzi Brewing has brewed up behind their closed doors.

Orange County locals have known about Hoparazzi Brewing (website down at the time of this post) for years because of their presence at local beer festivals. Hoparazzi stands out from the crowd with their take on fruit beers. Unlike the major blenderies churning out sour ales and wild ales, Hoparazzi’s fruit beers do not necessarily follow the new sour beer trend. Instead, Hoparazzi’s brews essentially taste like alcoholic fruit juices, while still brewing them like traditional beers. This gives Hoparazzi’s drinks a greater appeal to attract the masses, as virtually any adult would love these drinks. The beers appeal to craft beer enthusiasts because of the hop undertones, and the beers appeal to non-beer drinkers because of the fruit flavors present. Now with their doors officially open to the public, Hoparazzi can also exhibit their other beverages, namely their actual beers now. Though Hoparazzi started off brewing fruit beers, they have since expanded their lineup to include standard beer styles typical of any microbrewery, such as a cream ale, IPA, Belgian strong ale, and stout.

Hoparazzi has teased us long enough. Now you can finally coat your taste buds with Hoparazzi’s brews during their business hours instead of having to wait until the next beer festival that they will pour at. See more from Hoparazzi Brewing on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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