Take A Sweet – OC Donut Bar Reopens As Crafted Donuts

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Breakfast, Dessert, Food, Orange County
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An Orange County original, the OC Donut Bar, recently announced their closure on New Year’s Day. However, at that same time, they also announced that they would soon reopen under the name Crafted Donuts. Fans of the original OC Donut Bar can rejoice over the new branding, as Crafted Donuts makes their donuts in the exact same way as before. Under the new Crafted Donuts brand, the folks here have some new interesting takes on donut flavors, fillings, and toppings. In order to appeal to a mass crowd, Crafted Donuts have gone the way of crazier and more fun flavors, in addition to the traditional donut toppings, fillings, and flavors. Their offerings change on a daily basis, which they post about on their Facebook page linked above. Not to lose out to other competing dessert places nearby such as U Jelly, another donut shop that opened in the same city on the same day, OC Donut Bar had to do something to make themselves stand out among the crowd. Going the route of Crafted Donuts appears as their response to all the hipster dessert places popping up everywhere trying to appeal to kids and teenagers who do not know any better than to buy a $5 donut with ice cream that anyone can make at home for under a dollar. If you fancy some fancy donuts, head on over to Fountain Valley where you will have choices on how to satisfy your morning sweet tooth.


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