Playing A Mean Pinball At Arcade Expo 2.0

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Events, Inland Empire
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Thousands of adults got to relive their childhood this past weekend at Arcade Expo 2.0 that returned in Banning. This three-day expo contained hundreds of different arcade machines, games, and pinball machines that visitors of all ages could come to play to their heart’s content for the duration of their visit. In addition to all the free games available, various movies, seminars, vendors, live music, tournaments, and more kept visitors occupied.

The building that housed the Arcade Expo had various rooms all with different types of arcades in them. The two main rooms represented the main halves of the expo: one half held all the pinball machines, while the other half held all the arcade games. The arcade half had hundreds of nostalgic video games, most of which resembled 8-bit games such as those found on the original Nintendo system. While most of the arcade games fell under the category of 8-bit to 16-bit, visitors could find a few modern games, such as Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Outside the pinball hall, visitors could walk outside to find the main stage, where live bands and DJ’s set up. This outer area also housed all the food vendors, the beer garden, the shooting gallery, and a pinball exhibit.

The bulk of the expo’s action took place in the pinball half of the building. This side contained hundreds of pinball machines, ranging from the traditional classic 2D machines to the modern machines with ramps and lighting effects. A pinball machines exists for virtually any theme in the world, and this expo had a pinball machine for it all. They even had some adult-themed pinball machines, one of which had actual nudity in it.

Anyone who grew up with these sorts of traditional games would not want to miss the Arcade Expo. Adults especially would get a kick out of replaying some of these classic games that they may not have seen in decades. My eyes gleamed with delight when I discovered some classic games I grew up with, such as the Simpsons arcade game and the Surfer pinball machine. The Arcade Expo will return to Banning again next year, so make a note to look out for this in January next year. Having already attended and experienced this, I do not believe that I may return. However, I urge everyone to attend this annual event at least once in their life. Check out Arcade Expo on Facebook and Twitter for additional coverage.

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