Take A Sweet – Stuff Your Belly With Some Stuffed Donuts At U Jelly

Posted: January 14, 2016 in Dessert, Food, Orange County
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Orange County restauranteurs have picked up steam recently. The creator behind Afters Ice Cream, Nudo Nudo, and GD Bro Burger has just launched U Jelly (Twitter), a donut shop in Fountain Valley. All of the previous shops have the same thing in common – they primarily appeal to kids and teenagers, and U Jelly follows that trend. U Jelly focuses on colorful and ridiculously sweet donuts and croissants with lavish toppings, fillings, and colorful adornments. In addition to all the donuts and croissants, U Jelly plans to serve sweet jelly beverages and a dessert that resembles a bánh mì sandwich. Aside from their grand opening this past Saturday night, which saw a line of hungry kids that wrapped the building twice over, nobody else has any real information on what else to expect from U Jelly. You will just have to stick around and see what they churn out of their kitchen. If any of the other similar shops can tell a story, this place will generally carry too much hype for its worth. But hey, they only opened less than a week ago, so give them some time to establish themselves.

Conversely, check out another fancy donut shop in Fountain Valley that also had their grand opening at the same time…


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