Rise & Dine – Carolyn’s Café’s Famous Homemade Coffee Cake

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Breakfast, Dessert, Food, Inland Empire, Restaurant
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We all heard this growing up… “Breakfast: the most important meal of the day.” As the first form of food that we put into our bodies on a daily basis, breakfast sets the tone for how we will take on the rest of the day. Not only does breakfast supply the first dose of nutrients our body needs to burn to get through the day, but breakfast determines the rate of that day’s metabolism to handle food for the rest of the day. What do we normally envision as the traditional breakfast? Items such as bread, eggs, and meat supply the necessary carbs and proteins needed to start off the day. Over time, people have grown to appreciate breakfast foods and have started to crave them at other times of the day other than immediately after waking up. This has led some food businesses to offer breakfast items at all times of the day, and vice versa. However, who truly determines what one should have for breakfast? Another saying goes “Life’s short – eat dessert first.” Sweet treats in the morning always feel nice, and at least the sugar has the potential to get burned throughout the day, so why not start with dessert in the morning? If you want the best in sweets in the morning, head over to Carolyn’s Café in Redlands.

A local favorite, Carolyn’s Café has delighted folks for many years with their traditional diner approach to cuisine. Only open for breakfast and lunch, Carolyn’s Café has the answer to get your day started, whether you rise early or after the sun has peaked. You cannot go wrong with what Carolyn’s Café has to offer, as they make everything fresh here with no frozen ingredients. If you must pick just one item, look no further than Carolyn’s Famous Homemade Coffee Cake. Served warm and steaming, this generous slice comes to you with a dollop of whipped butter and tastes absolutely heavenly. Better yet, you can choose the coffee cake as your bread option when ordering breakfast! A Scrambler and a coffee cake for breakfast? You will desire nothing else. You can choose the coffee cake as your side with a breakfast entrée, or you can obtain a slice à la carte for $3.50. Believe me – after one bite, you will want an order for yourself and not want to have to share one.

I heard Carolyn’s Café plans to move to a new location soon. For all the details about the move and to see what else they have concocting inside their kitchen, check out Carolyn’s Café on Facebook!

  1. Daniel says:

    Even better they will have a new large location soon!

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