What The Duck? Capital Noodle Bar Opens A Second Location In Costa Mesa

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Today’s youth generally agrees upon a few select cultural cuisines to go crazy over. Other than the local tastes, people love Latin and Asian foods. The popularity of these cuisines have led to the surge of these types of restaurants all over, and that has expanded to food trucks and fusion styles. When thinking about going out to eat, people have to think about more than just what type of food to go look for – they consider convenience, location, ambiance, and a number of other factors. As a result, a typically sit-down restaurant may seem out of the question, especially for those with not as much time for that type of service, or on a limited budget. In these cases, perhaps a more casual approach would suit people looking for good food. When looking for a casual dining experience for Asian food, look no further than Capital Noodle Bar.

The line of Capital Seafood restaurants has a long history in Southern California of their traditional sit-down restaurants that consist of large dining spaces, large plates, and Dim Sum on the weekends. Today’s millennial population often craves something a little less intense, but with the same quality of food. Enter Capital Noodle Bar, a lighter version of their full-fledged restaurants. Capital Noodle Bar takes on a more casual approach with a menu consisting of appetizers, entrées, and various noodle dishes/bowls. Similar to the full restaurants, dishes served at Capital Noodle Bar can serve multiple people, although hungry individuals can still plow through one dish. Capital Noodle Bar also has a full bar just like the restaurants. The ambiance sets them apart because of the smaller, more intimate dining space, and the servers have a more casual approach rather than formal. The original Capital Noodle Bar in Irvine rose in popularity so fast that it paved the way for a second Capital Noodle Bar to open in Costa Mesa. Located across the 405 freeway from South Coast Plaza, this second Capital Noodle Bar resides in the same corner as that of Halal Guys, Anjin, and Creamistry, leading to a hectic parking situation at peak hours. If the parking gods favor you, you will discover perhaps your new favorite Asian food spot with dishes such as (shown below in order):

  • Crispy Shrimp Rolls
  • Canton Style Roast Duck
  • Duo of Beef (double filet mignon)
  • Black Pepper Beef Udon
  • Hong Kong Style Beef Chow Mein

Check out what else they have in store by liking their Facebook page!


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