Beer Up – Downtown Los Angeles Has New Microbrewery Destinations For You To Sip At

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Beer, Los Angeles
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As 2015 comes to a close, craft beer enthusiasts cannot help but think to how hard the community got hit by major corporations this year. Between all the buyouts and mergers, the corporate guys in suits keep chasing us hard workers around. Hard work rewards very well, something evident by the success of many local microbreweries. Sadly, when one brewery gains a lot of traction, the corporate guys take notice, and since corporate beer cannot compete with the small guys, the corporations simply throw money at them. If you cannot beat them, absorb them. Luckily, corporations cannot silence the working class forever – for each microbrewery snuffed, many more rise up from the ashes to breathe life back into the craft beer community. For this post, we focus on a couple of newer breweries in an area that used to lack a craft beer presence: Downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles locals recognize the difficulty of traveling around Downtown LA, but once they get familiar with the layout, they will discover many of the city’s greatest gems. While many restaurants and bars have served up craft beer, a brewing presence never truly existed. A few brewpubs exist, but they only serve their own beer and do not distribute nor make a presence at any local beer festivals. Downtown LA got their first true taste of the microbrewery experience with Angel City Brewery in the Arts District. With a very large tasting room and the capacity to host special events, craft beer fans from all over soon came to recognize Angel City for their eclectic taste and constant happenings. As far as beer quality goes, most enthusiasts would give them a hit-or-miss rating, as they do not release rare or unique beers very often, preferring to stick with approachable beers. With food trucks at the tasting room throughout the week, Angel City represents the bar you go to with your friends to socialize while enjoying a drink. If you have a true passion for craft beers, read on…

Now in 2015, Downtown LA has no shortage of breweries. We turn our attention to one of the major breweries to open their doors to the public this year, starting with Arts District Brewing. From the outside, Arts District Brewing lacks any large signage or landmarks that would indicate the presence of a brewery. However, once you step foot into the tasting room, you discover an awesome hangout spot that closely resembles a speakeasy. The bar in the center of the tasting room serves all of the beer plus some spirits, making this a true bar. At the back left corner, guests may order food from the window counter to the kitchen. At the back of the tasting room, guests will find the entertainment, which includes skee ball, ping pong, and darts. Their beer lineup looks like that of a typical brewery, serving up all the main styles like IPA’s, pale ales, stouts, porters, golden ales, wheats, saisons, and whatnot. Keep an eye out for Arts District Brewing by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter, for they certainly will have special beers coming out within the next year.

For one of the more anticipated breweries to open in 2015, look no further than Mumford Brewing. Located right next to The Escondite, this microbrewery (which has no relation to a famous band of a similar name) exhibits brewing experience with their bold brews. While the tasting room may not have anything as spectacular as the previous brewery above, Mumford Brewing makes up for it with full-bodied beers that will leave you wanting more. Southern California craft beer enthusiasts have looked forward to this brewery opening for good reason, which we will likely discover in 2016 as they start to unravel their aged brews. If you want to know the latest from Mumford Brewing, stay updated with their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

While I have only mentioned three breweries in this post, a handful of other breweries exist in Downtown LA.

  • Bonaventure Brewing claims the title of Downtown LA’s only brewery, but they only serve their own house brews that they do not distribute.
  • Boomtown Brewery has already brewed several batches of beer. However, their tasting room has yet to open.
  • Indie Brewing Company got its start this year, but so far they have only gone into retail without any mention of a tasting room.

Although Downtown LA has only just gotten started with the microbrewery boom, like the rest of Los Angeles County, the amount should steadily climb over the next year or two. Keep an eye on all of the breweries mentioned in this post, for the craft beer community expects great things coming soon to make up for those lost to the corporate shuffle.

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