Last Chance To Shop For Gifts At The 6th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Art, Events, Food Truck, Los Angeles
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The Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market returned Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles for its sixth year in a row this past weekend. This FREE two-day event features over a hundred different vendors and exhibitors selling various arts & crafts goods, ranging from apparel to accessories to miscellaneous home goods and more. The exhibitors, which consisted of artists, designers, bakers, crafters, and more, brought plenty of merchandise for the thousands of guests to browse and buy, just in time for the holidays. The Renegade Craft Fair typically sees a consistent crowd throughout the day at all of their events. Navigating the numerous aisles proved somewhat of a challenge with so many people around. This year’s holiday fair featured a mix of returning vendors and new vendors. Some of the returning vendors included Bad Pickle Tees, Pop Candy, The Library Store, Yarnover Truck, Hepp’s Salt, and more.

No one can truly go wrong at an event like this because it supports the local community. Not only can you acquire some really neat clothes or accessories that many other people may not own, but you support locals, meaning your money helps to stimulate the local economy instead of sending money to a corporation outside of the state, or even outside of the country. Of course, one does not need a fair like this to support independents. Anyone can find mom & pop shops everywhere, and purchasing from them helps more than just the business staff and owners. Supporting local businesses also supports the people, workers and customers, linked to that business. An occasion like Small Business Saturday does not exist simply for the purpose of spending even more money on holiday shopping – it promotes the awareness of small businesses and their effect on the local community. Take some time to appreciate the local wonders in your community, and you may find the outcome rewarding at best. Keep up with updates about local craft fairs by liking Renegade Craft Fair on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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