Pork Yeah! Grill ‘Em All’s No Presents For Christmas A.K.A. The Christmas Creature

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Bacon, Breakfast, Burgers, Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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We all heard this growing up… “Breakfast: the most important meal of the day.” As the first form of food that we put into our bodies on a daily basis, breakfast sets the tone for how we will take on the rest of the day. Not only does breakfast supply the first dose of nutrients our body needs to burn to get through the day, but breakfast determines the rate of that day’s metabolism to handle food for the rest of the day. What do we normally envision as the traditional breakfast? Items such as bread, eggs, and meat supply the necessary carbs and proteins needed to start off the day. Over time, people have grown to appreciate breakfast foods and have started to crave them at other times of the day other than immediately after waking up. This has led some food businesses to offer breakfast items at all times of the day. While some places do offer breakfast for dinner, the intention of breakfast’s nutrients gets lost when going to sleep so soon. However, this does not stop most people from enjoying a comforting meal whenever possible, and Grill ‘Em All has decided to bring breakfast to any hour of the day.

Always searching for new and crazy ideas to produce out of their kitchen, Grill ‘Em All represents the mosh pit of new food ideas. While most restaurants want to stay safe by offering the typical hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and condiments, Grill ‘Em All smashes the mold by revealing the strangest yet tastiest combinations a burger can face. If you have not yet heard of Grill ‘Em All, they rose to fame after they won the first season of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, barely edging out Nom Nom Truck (who have since moved to San Francisco). Since then, their fame grew so much that even two trucks could not handle their overwhelming popularity, so they bunkered down and opened a restaurant in Downtown Alhambra. The restaurant allows them to not only churn out greater amounts of burgers, but also to serve craft beer with the food too. They also now have the capacity to launch other crazy things like special appearances by famous musicians, athletes, or celebrities, and their coveted burger-of-the-month, which brings us back to the aforementioned topic of breakfast. Capping off 2015, Grill ‘Em All has gone back to the beginning with a breakfast inspired burger that they dub No Presents For Christmas A.K.A. The Christmas Creature. Named after an 80’s metal song and a professional wrestler, Grill ‘Em All delivers a full breakfast meal in a small package with this massive messy sandwich. Supported by French toast as the buns, a half pound beef burger sits on a bed of strawberry jam while supporting cheddar, bacon, ham, and sweet cream cheese. To top it off, this sandwich receives a croque madame treatment with a slathering of gruyère sauce and a fried egg. They give you this meal with a knife in it on purpose – good luck trying to pick this up with your bare hands. Grab a fork, and spare a wad of napkins by going to town with a knife & fork into this sandwich. Every ingredient works well together, as no sole flavor overpowers another – the sweet ingredients help to balance the savoriness of the meats.

Do you love meat? If so, you owe it to yourself to trek on over to Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra sometime this month to take on the No Presents For Christmas A.K.A. The Christmas Creature. For all this meat, this burger will only set you back $13. Enjoy a cold beer while dining here, since Grill ‘Em All has expanded their craft beer lineup to include a greater variety of beers. For more news and updates from the Grill ‘Em All camp, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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