Preview: The 33rd Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Events, Long Beach
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The 33rd Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade returns this Saturday night. This wondrous treat for locals allows the community to recognize prominent individuals, groups, and organizations that help to shape what Long Beach represents. Although free, this parade draws in an enormous crowd every year, equating to immense traffic and insufficient parking, especially since police will close 2nd Street to traffic starting at 5pm. I always just park incredibly far away and just walk to Belmont Shore with friends, although I have seen groups bike there. Many people set up seats along the parade route, which encircles 2nd Street in both directions, quite early. Arrive too late and you may just barely catch the tail end of the parade with some visibility.

Looking for something festive to do with friends and/or family this weekend? Bring them to Belmont Shore and check out the parade. It costs nothing to attend, just the agony of searching for parking or arriving early and waiting until then. But even if you do the latter, Belmont Shore has plenty of businesses and activities to keep you and your group occupied for quite some time. So if I do not see you at the parade this Saturday night, Happy Holidays to you and yours~

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