What The Duck? Beachwood BBQ Brings Back Meatloaf Night

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Have you ever taken the time to fully comprehend your palate? I refer to more than just your taste buds and what you prefer to eat – your palate encompasses anything and everything you have or plan to consume. The human palate involves more than just taste – it involves the entire experience of sight, smell, temperature, texture, consistency, ingredients, and more. When you consider the possible ingredients, a plethora comes to mind. Having a variety of ingredients makes for a more pleasant experience, and the master crafters at Beachwood BBQ have capitalized on that notion.

Last week, Beachwood BBQ brought back their Meatloaf Night, following the success of their past food events that featured dishes like ribs, mac & cheese, and poutine. Unlike the mac and poutine nights, guests could not actually construct their own meatloaf. Instead, Beachwood offered a menu containing five different types of meatloaf: Beef, Duck, Venison, Wild Boar, and Elk. Torn between all the meats, Beachwood knew their customers would struggle to select one meatloaf, so they offered a “flight” of four types of meatloaf PLUS all the sides. Unlike the last time Beachwood BBQ held this event, they did not curate a specific beer-pairing menu that paired certain beers with each type of meatloaf, thus this menu did not mention any beer flights. Regardless, Beachwood BBQ still had a full lineup of beers available to choose from, including their Greenshift DIPA that had just released in draft and bottles the previous day.

How beautiful does that look? Beachwood took an ordinary white plate and turned it into a centerpiece. Every meatloaf paired with one of the sides and a craft beer creates a blissful serene experience for your palate. You may not witness culinary synergy like this again in a while. Human palates have to expand beyond everyday “comfort foods” that we all grow up to eat. With a world of foods you may have never even heard of, why settle for routine? Break out of routines that lead to nowhere, and find something new and interesting to eat, like these different types of meatloaf from Beachwood BBQ. Your palate will thank me later.


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