Preview: The 3rd Annual Old Town Seal Beach Main Street Chili Cookoff Crawl

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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This Saturday afternoon, the Old Town Seal Beach Chili Cook Off returns for its third year in a row. This chili cookoff used to coincide with Seal Beach Restaurant Week, but so far it appears that the organizers have cancelled the week due to low turnout, so they will host only the chili cookoff. Occurring similar to a strolling event, visitors will pay $10 to receive a stamp card listing all participating restaurants on Main Street in Seal Beach. Visitors will then take this stamp card to the restaurants to receive a sample of chili, so essentially each sample costs a dollar. Last year, ten restaurants participated in the chili cookoff – who knows how many restaurants will participate this year.

Personally I would like to see the restaurant week return, but these restaurants need a greater turnout for the week to return. Perhaps the organizers need better marketing? In any case, show up this Saturday and show your support for the local community, and show Seal Beach that old town charm always wins our hearts.

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