Gaming and Grubbing at Button Mash in Echo Park

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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What defines modern contemporary? What generation does that term represent? Who drives the current trends and fads of the world? When looking at the demographics of the movers and shakers, we typically find young adults age 21 to 35. The world colloquially refers to people of this age range as millennials because they lived through the change of the millennium. Millennials have the greatest say as far as trends and popularity go in many aspects, especially food and fashion. So when the millennials want something, entrepreneurs ought to stay a step ahead of the competition by capitalizing on an emerging trend, something that Button Mash has done to seize a niche in the market that few others have, if none at all.

Having just launched their soft opening last month on October 20th, Echo Park’s Button Mash takes two separate worlds and mashes them into one. Putting a millennial’s spin on “entertainment restaurants” like Dave & Buster’s, Button Mash features retro arcade and pinball machines within a restaurant that serves Asian fusion cuisine and craft beer & wine. The games follow a retro theme, so guests will not find modern arcade games such as many of Capcom’s newer hits, but classic hits such as Contra, Pac Man, and Tapper. As for the restaurant side, Button Mash serves up Asian fusion food, such as Vietnamese or Korean influenced sandwiches, noodle bowls, and marinated wings. For further updates from Button Mash, like Button Mash on Facebook to see what they have in store.

I visited Button Mash on their first open weekend, and unfortunately, they had sold out of many of the foods I wanted to try. I only got to order their wings and the last order of mac & cheese. Neither dish truly impressed me – you can find better wings and mac & cheese elsewhere if you care that much about food quality. Hopefully Button Mash can stock more food in the future as to not run out of food by 8pm. Otherwise, I do not foresee myself returning any time soon to this hipster hangout.


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