Beef It Up – Mr. Pizza’s Bulgogi Pizza

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Food, Los Angeles, Orange County, Restaurant
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Welcome to the 21st century, where today’s population of young adults have grown tired of traditional things and seek new, modern things. Colloquially referred to as millennials, today’s young adults grew up during a time where their parents stuck to traditional methods of living as a safer, low-risk way of raising their children. However, that all changed over the past decade when these children grew up not wanting to 100% resemble their parents, and have changed the way people live today. For example, the United States finally legalized same-sex marriages this year. As another sign of the changing times, millennials have grown tired of eating the same things that they have grown up with, and now crave different, unique, fusion foods. For example, while many may still like traditional tacos with meats like carne asada, new tacos like pork belly tacos exist that millennials now prefer. Fusion exists in all sorts of food, from tacos to burritos to burgers to pizza. If you prefer the latter and seek fusion pizza, look no further than Mr. Pizza.

While I try to refrain from posting about chain businesses on my blog, Mr. Pizza has such a small presence in Southern California that I ought to give them some light to show others how true fusion pizza should taste. Based out of South Korea, this pizza chain that opened over two decades ago serves up pizza with a Korean twist. While they have traditional pizzas such as pepperoni listed in the back/bottom of their menus, people visit Mr. Pizza for the unique crusts and toppings that few others do for their pizza, such as the Bulgogi Pizza (50/50 pizza pictured above, Potato on left and Bulgogi on right). The famed Bulgogi Pizza comes topped with tomato sauce, Korean-marinated beef, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. Basically, imagine eating a Korean-style cheesesteak sandwich but in pizza form. As for the other half pictured above, the Potato pizza comes with tomato sauce, potato wedges, ground beef, corn, mushrooms, onions, bacon, mayonnaise, and mozzarella cheese. The pizza pictured above features the Cheese-filled crust. These two make for two of the more popular pizzas served at Mr. Pizza, along with the Half & Half, comprised of Potato Gold and Shrimp Gold.

With so many different styles of pizzas available at Mr. Pizza, you cannot go wrong with what you choose. In fact, you would need to come back to Mr. Pizza over and over in order to try every single pizza that they carry. Mr. Pizza has locations in Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Century City and Buena Park – the Buena Park location opened less than two months ago. Check out Mr. Pizza on Facebook and Twitter for more about their delicious pizza pies.


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