Reconnecting and Disconnecting on the Last Day of My Trip to Seattle

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Breakfast, Dessert, Food, Restaurant
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With the 2015 International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) having already ended, I had one final day on my Seattle vacation before I had to return to Southern California. While many of the conference’s attendees returned home on Sunday, I opted to remain in town for an additional day to give myself extra time to explore the city. When I last visited Seattle two years ago, I barely had any time to explore the city because I planned my trip solely around the conference. This year, I made sure to give myself some extra days around the conference to visit all the places I had originally wanted to check out on my last journey to the north. It all paid off, as you can see from all the posts from the past week and a half. It also led up to one last day in Seattle that solidified a vacation that I will never forget.

I woke up early in Monday to start packing, when suddenly I received a text message from an old friend saying that she had woken up early and had free time to meet up with me. We decided to enjoy breakfast at Oddfellows Cafe & Bar, a neighborhood eatery noteworthy for a small brick courtyard in the back. The small back area certainly lacked space, but provided an intimate area for a few groups to enjoy a quiet meal and drinks. I got to reconnect with my friend who I had seen in years, as I did not get to meet with her the last time I visited Seattle. We reminisced for a while, divulging personal matters that got us both a little emotional.

Following breakfast, we took a walk up to Volunteer Park to check out all the touristy attractions they have there. Volunteer Park has a manmade reservoir plus a water tower that visitors can climb up for a view of the city. Next to the reservoir sits a round structure called the Black Sun, and people can see the Space Needle through it. The park also has an art museum and green house, but had an admission to enter, and at least the green house did not open on Mondays. We then walked into the adjacent cemetery and discovered the gravestones of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee.

Following that little excursion, we rode down to check out more of Capitol Hill, starting with Elysian Brewing. I know a lot of beer fans give Elysian crap for what happened earlier this year, but I still like Elysian’s beers, and I can now obtain the beers in Southern California as a result. I enjoyed their GABF brew while my friend enjoyed a non-alcoholic beverage, then we set off. A place called Trove caught our eyes, a place with four different businesses rolled into one: noodles, parfaits, barbecue, and a bar. While the savory food looked tempting to order, I listened to my sweet tooth and ordered a parfait. Finally, we walked a block down and landed at Melrose Market, a series of shops like a food court or mall. After this visit, we parted ways as I had to get ready to travel to the airport while she had to go meet with another friend.

Alas, my Seattle vacation had come to an end. While I cherish every moment of this vacation, it did bring about some realizations in my life. The conference reminded me of why I started my blog: my passion to promote the local scene to dissuade people from frequenting chain or corporate businesses. Though I originally intended to make some profit from this blog, it remained a hobby the entire time, something fun that I like to do on the side. Lately though, I have stressed out over obtaining content for blogging, which goes against my mission of having a blog to have fun with it. Since it has gotten to a point where I stress over writing blog posts, perhaps the time has come to throw in the towel and retire from blogging. With the conference moving to Sacramento starting next year, my reasons for returning to Seattle in the future have greatly diminished, as have any reasons to return to the conference in the future. I still highly recommend any food bloggers to attend the conference at least once ever, but for me, I believe I have gotten as much as I could out of it. On the plus side, I made tons of new and awesome friends that I will stay in touch with for a long time. I view this trip more as visiting friends than attending a conference, so perhaps one day I will return to Seattle. Until then, I strive to deliver quality content without forgetting about the important people in my life.


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