Meeting Fellow Conference Attendees on Day Two in Seattle

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Beer, Dessert, Food, Restaurant
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Following up on yesterday’s post, I had a blast on my day of arrival in Seattle a few days prior to the 2015 International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC), and I continued my excursions going into my second day in Seattle, yesterday. While I still had over a day until this year’s IFBC could officially kick off, I decided to make the most of my time by exploring even more that the city has to offer. This time, I arranged to meet with another conference attendee for a full day of adventures starting in Fremont. I had visited Fremont the last time I visited Seattle two years ago, but could not spend as much time there as I had hoped back then. Now with a set plan in motion, we set forth into Fremont and Downtown to fill our stomachs and spirits.

I disembarked up in Fremont a little before noon, before I had arranged to meet up. I took this time to stroll up to Uneeda Burger to gaze upon the astounding burger shack that I had left a lot of drool in the last time I had visited Seattle. After that, I entered Caffe Vita nearby for my (late) morning coffee. Finally, I strolled down to Paseo to meet up for lunch. I had received many recommendations to dine at Paseo, but could not do so last time because they did not open on Sundays back then, the one day of the week that I explored Fremont. I discovered that they now open on Sundays, but that mattered not, as I could finally sink my teeth into their succulent Caribbean roast pork. Following this breakfast/lunch meal, I introduced my friend to Book Larder across the street, a small cookbook shop that occasionally holds cooking demos and tastings.

To burn off our hearty lunch, we strolled down to lower Fremont, where we ended up at Schilling Cider House to sip on some fruity refreshments. Coincidentally, Southern California now has Schilling Cider distributed down there by none other than Hangar 24… the brewery I used to work for.

Up next, the moment that we both awaited for, we scuttled over to Theo Chocolate. Once there, we took a tour of their factory to learn about their chocolate, see the process of producing chocolates, and of course get absolutely chocolate-wasted the entire time.

Right around the corner from Theo Chocolate, we discovered a quaint little house called Outlander Brewery & Pub. This ambitious brewery operates out of what appears as a converted house. They not only serve food out of their tiny kitchen, but brew all their beer downstairs in the basement out of the smallest brewing system I have ever laid my eyes on.

With some time left before dinner, we made one final stop in Fremont at Fremont Brewing. One of the larger breweries in the area that many others recommended to me, this large brewery can easily accommodate a sizable amount of people. From their ample beer selection to all the beers they have available to take to-go, I can see why people made a huge fuss that I must visit Fremont Brewing before leaving Seattle in a few days.

For the last stop of the night, we traveled back to Downtown Seattle for dinner at FareStart. A unique dining experience, FareStart allows homeless or disadvantaged people to train in culinary arts to get their lives back on track and start a career that they can wholeheartedly call their own. For this dinner, we joined a group of over a dozen other IFBC attendees for good eating and good spirits. This night also represented a graduation ceremony for three of the students, and we arrived just to time to see the celebrations before receiving our meals.

The next few days will have tons of IFBC content for me to participate in. While I look forward to every minute of the conference, I sincerely hope that I will have a chance to return to Ballard to resume my brewery tour that ended earlier than expected on Wednesday. If that cannot happen, then I will simply go with the flow, and explore whatever else I can stumble upon.

  1. Great seeing you again, Johnny! I’m a local but didn’t even know about some of these places. Will have to add them to my list!

  2. cidersays says:

    Schilling Cider House…my favorite cider bar!

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