Jumping and Jiving at the 7th Annual BuskerFest in Downtown Long Beach

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Events, Long Beach, Music
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The 7th Annual Busker Fest returned to the East Village Arts District of Downtown Long Beach this past Saturday night. Traditional busks consisted of various bands from all over performing on “stages” set up on flatbed trucks with minimal electrical equipment, busking for wooden nickels.  This primarily serves as a launching pad for musicians, gaining what usually represents their first major gig with a substantial crowd in the thousands. This gave a more traditional, old-time feel to the music, and provided guests a glimpse of how these types of bands used to “busk” many decades ago. Free to attend, fans of music enjoyed what they heard and supported in the form of wooden nickels that guests could purchase to “tip” the bands as they busk. The band with the most wooden nickels at the end of the night won a grand prize from the organizers. In addition to all the live music, guests found a beer garden and various food vendors, while volunteers staffed a bike valet at the eastern entrance.

As the annual closer to the Summer And Music event series, they went out with a bang and have the thousands of fans that supported their events for thanks. For more music in Long Beach, see what else will go on by liking Summer And Music on Facebook and following them on Twitter. For even more music in Long Beach, make sure you check out the Long Beach Folk Revival Festival coming up in a few weeks, and the Long Beach Funk Fest that will return next year.

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