Preview: The 3rd Annual San Diego Bacon Fest

Posted: September 3, 2015 in Bacon, Beer, Events, Food, San Diego
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Common knowledge tells us that the general populace loves bacon. People go crazy for bacon, but perhaps too crazy at times. This phenomenon may explain the background behind the San Diego Bacon Festival. This outdoor food fest dedicated to everyone’s favorite strip of meat rounds up bacon lovers from all over to huddle around tents all for bacon treats to satisfy a never-ending hunger for bacon. Taking place on the sunny grassy knoll of Preble Field of NTC Park at Liberty Station, thousands of hungry patrons will swarm to this location this Saturday afternoon for an incendiary day of pigging out in the sun amidst a crowd of equally sweaty visitors. General admission costs $60 and starts at 2pm. VIP admission costs $100, starts at 1pm, and comes with a beer caddy to hold your beer tasting cup. All admissions include unlimited food and drinks until 5pm. No one under 21 may attend. This fest takes place outdoors, so apply sunscreen prior to arriving, and stay hydrated.

This bacon festival got their start in 2013 with a terrible start, which influenced my decision to not return in 2014. To summarize problems encountered in their first year:

  • They oversold tickets, not limiting admission at all.
  • They did not invite enough vendors. Vendors ran out of food very fast.
  • They did not provide water at all. The only hydration we got was from the alcohol vendors, and alcohol does not hydrate at all.
  • They did not provide shade for a blisteringly hot day.

I hope that the organizers fixed all their problems after their first year. The organizers promised to make things better, and if Big Bite Events can drastically improve their bacon festival, perhaps the organizers behind the San Diego Bacon Festival can improve their event. If you love bacon and/or beer, do not miss out on this bacon frenzy. To make your bacon experience a more pleasant journey, embark with these tips in mind:

  • REMEMBER to bring PHOTO ID! Amazingly, many guests think they can enter without showing it to the front security.
  • Hydrate properly before arriving. The event may run out of water by the time people actually need water, so hydrating in the morning can help with that.
  • Arrive early to secure parking. The surrounding areas boast plenty of parking, but once all the nearby lots fill up, guests will end up parking further away, potentially paying to park in those further lots.
  • Apply ample sunscreen, and have extra sunscreen available. Security will not confiscate sunscreen from you.
  • Dress for the hot weather. Expect to expose yourself to the hot sun for a few hours here with little shade, so make sure you can endure the heat.
  • Bring some extra cash for vendors. While admission includes food and drinks, some vendors that have merchandise may accept cash only.

See what else the San Diego Bacon Fest has in store by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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