Making Plans for Visiting Seattle for the 7th Annual International Food Blogger Conference

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Events, Food, Restaurant
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The nation’s top conference for food bloggers returns to Seattle this year, as the 7th Annual International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) returns this September, starting Friday morning. This highly-acclaimed conference focuses on prime aspects to any writer that creates content related to food, beverages, cooking, and anything else in the culinary field. Covering a broad diversity of educational topics to choose from, each attendee may devise their own program of sessions to attend. Sessions/workshops will cover anything from food & cooking to writing skills to technology. I still have yet to formulate my full itinerary, but I get to pick one from each of these groups:

Saturday, 10:10am:

  • Anolon – Hands-on with cookware & bakeware
  • Krusteaz – Hands-on with baking goods
  • Teavana – Hands-on with teas

Saturday, 11:30am:

  • What Do You Do After You Hit Publish? – How to market your blog after you have written it
  • Honing the Craft – How to improve and diversify writing styles
  • Stop Motion Food Photography – How to take stunning photos

Saturday, 3:30pm:

  • Bubbles and Bites: Why Sparkling Wine is the Best Food Wine Presented by Italy’s Best Bubbles – Learn about food pairings
  • Curriculamb 101: From Pasture to Plate – Learn about the wonders of lamb cuisine
  • Wine education seminar presented by Concannon Vineyard & Winery – Learn all about wine

Sunday, 9:00am:

  • Supercharging Your WordPress Site – Making the most out of WordPress blogs
  • The Plan and The Pitch – Making your blog more professional and business-like
  • Food Trends: How to Identify and Use Them To Your Blog’s Advantage – Learning about the latest and hippest food trends

Sunday, 10:15am:

  • Cooking With Cannabis – Incorporating marijuana in cooking
  • Hungry for Words: Journalism 101 for Food Bloggers – Writing in a journalistic style, from researching to reporting and more

All weekend, attendees will get treated to many other exciting tastings and activities, such as the Taste of Seattle, a photography demo, an expo to discovery new products & ingredients, and more! Want me to cover/write about a particular session? Post a comment here or on my Facebook page, or tweet me. I will post something Saturday morning detailing my first day at the IFBC.

During any downtime this weekend, I can freely roam the city, so if you have any suggestions of places to visit, please do send me your suggestions! I appreciate all of the suggestions so far, and the following places have caught my eye. When I last visited Seattle in 2013, I got to visit Uneeda Burger, Elysian Brewing, Quinn’s Pub, 9 Million in Unmarked Bills, and more. For this year’s visit, I have crafted myself a list:

  • Matt’s in the Market – I got this suggestion back then, but wrote no notes, so I do not know what to look forward to. However, their food looks scrumptious, so I hope to visit.
  • Blind Pig Bistro – I received this suggestion when I inquired about gastropubs. I hope they have a nice craft beer list!
  • Tom Douglas restaurants – These restaurants look too pricey for me, but if I find the right company, I would not oppose to dining at any of these fine establishments.
  • Serious Pie – I heard they make some of Seattle’s finest pizzas. We will not know until we try it!
  • Theo Chocolate – So last time I actually visited Fremont but ran out of time to visit Theo Chocolate. This time, I hope to finally try their fair-trade chocolate!
  • Cowgirls Espresso – A bikini coffee shop… How could I not visit this place?

Finally, the breweries. Washington has their fair share of craft beer establishments, comparable to San Diego County.

  • Ballard: Hilliard’s, Stoup, Reuben’s, Urban Family Public House, Northwest Peaks, Peddler, Maritime Pacific, Populuxe, Bad Jimmy’s, and Hale’s.
  • Fremont: Fremont Brewing, Outlander, Odin, Rooftop
  • Greenwood: Lantern, Naked City, Bluebird
  • Queen Anne: Holy Mountain, McMenamins
  • Georgetown: Machine House, Elysian, Georgetown, Two Beers, Counterbalance
  • South Park: Lowercase, Burdick, Tin Dog, Odin, Valhalla, Big Al

I will have a lot more time in Seattle this time, basically staying in the area for an additional 36 hours than last time. The conference also does not last as long, starting later on Friday than last time. With all this free time, I hope to make the most out of my trip and visit as many unique places as possible. Let me know what I should check out, and I will try to formulate a plan to visit all these places.


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