Preview: The 2015 Idea World Fitness Expo

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Events, Food, Los Angeles, Sports
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The 2015 Idea World Fitness Convention & Expo moves to the Los Angeles Convention Center this week. As one of the world’s largest fitness conferences, visitors from all over the world will travel to Los Angeles this week to check out this convention, full of workshops, speakers, demos, competitions, vendors, and more. From Wednesday through Sunday, various seminars, sessions, workshops, and demos will take place for registered attendees to participate in and gain valuable knowledge, or further their athletic career. From Thursday through Saturday, the Fitness & Nutrition Expo will open up to the public, and anyone who registered online for that expo can enter for free. This expo contains numerous vendors who will all exhibit the latest in sports equipment, wellness services, new technology in sports, and food trends. Those in the fitness or wellness industry definitely should  register for the full conference, gaining immense benefits towards their business, or towards their training. For everyone else, attending the free expo will yield great returns in terms of content, networking opportunities, and all the free samples of protein goodies.

The Idea World Fitness Expo opens their doors to all demographics of all ages, not just those in the industry or those who work out frequently. Fit people love this expo because they can keep up with latest trends and news in the fitness industry. Casual visitors like this expo because they can learn the right ways to get fit, as well as feel motivated after seeing all the fit people around. When an expo like this comes your way, consider attending to see what it truly takes to stay fit, and gain first-hand experience from people who know how to stay fit.


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