5 American Cities With The Cheapest Beer, Based On Average Beer Price

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Beer, Los Angeles, Top 5
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Summer has arrived, bringing about summer vacation for hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. While on vacation, it goes without saying to do everything that the locals do in order to get the most out of the vacation. Some cities may have iconic foods to try, such as Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza. However, every city’s common tying bind revolves around their ample beverage selection. Going on vacation without sipping the local flavor feels like going to a burger joint without ordering their fries. We all know that vacations can hurt your wallet badly, so people on vacation may want to exercise some frugality. Perhaps you have not chosen your destination yet? If not, observe some American cities with the cheapest average beer. As an honorable mention barely missing the top five, an average beer in New York City costs $5.20.

5. Miami

When picturing summer vacation, people picture warm, sunny beaches, something iconic like South Beach. It comes as no surprise that thousands of people travel to Miami every summer to soak up the sun, and many local businesses understand the importance of catering to tourists. Among all the restaurants and bars in and around Miami, an average beer costs $5.13. When looking at this figure, it appears pricey, yet it still represents the fifth cheapest average beer in the country. For a tourist city, one should not find surprise in this.

4. San Francisco

When thinking about the major craft beer locales, San Francisco comes into mind as one of the big cities. Encompassing the entire bay area from Petaluma to Oakland to San Jose, the dense population of the bay area lends well to the boom of craft beer. With plenty of experienced breweries in business for over a decade, aspiring brewers can jump right into the industry all over San Francisco. At $3.97 for the average cost of a beer, San Francisco makes for a perfect getaway for any craft beer fan.

3. Boston

As one of the largest craft beer cities in the country, Boston basically represents a pioneer in the beer industry. Home to arguably the biggest craft brewery in the nation, Boston boasts craft beer around every corner as much as Seattle has a Starbucks around every corner. With an abundance of beer, an average beer here costs $3.72. No doubt Boston Lager has something to do with that number.

2. Chicago

One of the biggest non-coastal metropolitan cities in the nation, Chicago has such a diverse population that only California rivals it. The uniqueness of Chicago lends well to its food and beverage offerings, and attracts visitors annually solely for the food and drinks here. Chicago also bears (no pun intended) hundreds of microbreweries, and anybody can easily find one that specializes in certain types of beers. With an average beer cost of $3.56, locals and visitors can savor the local flavor and enjoy more.

1. Los Angeles

This list would not exist without mentioning Southern California. Although listed as Los Angeles, this encompasses Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and the Inland Empire. Virtually every style of beer exists in Los Angeles, from sours to Belgians to the strongest barrel-aged brews and more. San Diego even represents the west-coast capital of beer, the birthplace of the famed West Coast IPA beer. The massive population managed to drive down the average price of a beer down to $3.24, making the Greater Los Angeles Area possess the cheapest beer in the country based on average costs of one beer.


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