Animation Comes To Life At The 2015 Anime Expo

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Art, Events, Hot Women, Los Angeles
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The 2015 Anime Expo wrapped up this year’s installment at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past Sunday. This annual 4-day expo for all things Anime & Manga attracts exhibitors and fans from across the globe for the largest gathering of its kind in the world. What started as a simple expo for those in the Anime industry has grown to encompass anything remotely related to the art of Japanese art & animation. Today, this large expo now hosts artists, designers, vendors, video game companies, technicians, actors/actresses, voice actors, models, musicians, singers, cosplayers, and much more to spread their work out to the public as well as interact with the fans. With so much to do, so many people to see, and so many people wanting to get in (tens of thousands of visitors on the first day!), naturally the organizers had to make this expo cover a span of four days every year.

The actual expo covered the entire span on the convention center, both the South Hall and the West Hall. The main expo occurred in the South Hall, while the West Hall housed the miscellaneous activities, such as workshops, video game competitions, cosplay contests, and more. The expo simply had too much going on, so I understand why most attendees purchased either the two or four day pass rather than just a single day. The expo contained different sections based on the content; for example, attendees could find the artist booths at the back, the autographs at the right, the merchandise in the middle, and celebrity/actor appearances at the front.

For any type of expo or convention of this nature, sure we may want to pay attention to the exhibitors, but at the heart of any gathering of this kind, our attention instantly turns to the cosplayers. Attendees love to dress up as their favorite character to show their pride and/or craftsmanship, while some simply slap together a lazy costume just to blend in somehow, such as the hundreds of attendees with a Teemo hat. For Anime Expo, the world’s largest expo of its kind, attendees either go all in or go nothing. Observe some of the fun costumes from Day 2 of the 2015 Anime Expo:

Missed out on Anime Expo this year? Fear not – Anime California comes to Orange County on the weekend of August 28-30. At $45 for the entire weekend, expect to see nearly the same things at Anime Expo. If you desire the massive crowds and content that Anime Expo offers, the 2016 Anime Expo takes place July 1-4 next year back at the Los Angeles Convention Center. On the bright side, this gives you plenty of time to work on that amazing costume that will wow everyone!


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