5 Things You Should Never Order From Restaurants, As Suggested By Chain Restaurant Employees

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Food, Restaurant, Top 5
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People’s preference for food has changed drastically over the last few years, with a greater shift towards healthier, more natural food. However, the prevalence of chain restaurants has never quite diminished, and chain restaurants continue to endure in almost every corner of the globe. With this much exposure comes the inevitable backlash from the people, including those who work or used to work at a chain restaurant. A public survey asked chain restaurant employees about what customers should never order from their menus, which received a plethora of answers: some good, some bad, and some ugly. Read on to discover the five highest-rated suggestions about what not to order, as told by the people that work at chain restaurants.

5. Domino’s (during busy times)

When operated correctly, everything works fine at Domino’s. However, every franchise location operates differently, so one location may fare better than another. In order to tell, one must inspect the kitchen area upon arrival. Do the ovens appear clean? Do the pizza screens/trays appear clean? Do the employees wash their hands before & after handling any food? Basic cleanliness makes a big difference between a good Domino’s and a bad one.

4. Oriental Chicken Salad from Applebee’s

Like many American chain restaurants, Applebee’s does not exactly fit the bill of healthy food. If you somehow find yourself ending up at an Applebee’s, refrain from order the Oriental Chicken Salad. The dressing that comes with it basically consists of sugar and chicken fat. Sure you can get a different dressing instead, but honestly try to avoid Applebee’s at all cost if you value your health at all.

3. Chicken Salad from Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A prepares most of their food fresh daily. However, the chicken salad mixture not only contains meat of questionable age, but a bunch of other ingredients that may have arrived at that store many months ago. Due to the mixed nature of chicken salad, it may consist of batches of chicken salad of various ages. Chicken salad also lends itself to freezing and reheating, something that they cannot do with the freshly fried or grilled chicken. Stick with sandwiches or salads with fried or grilled chicken.

2. Milkshakes (during busy times)

Many fast food restaurants fall into this category, but Sonic abuses this the most. During busy times, fast food workers would forego cleanliness, and start making shakes without first cleaning the machine. This means that people who order milkshakes would get a little bit of the shakes that people ordered prior. Avoid ordering milkshakes during busy times, or at least inspect the kitchen area when you arrive. If the mixing machine looks dirty, or the staff looks busy, do not order milkshakes.

1. Veggie Burgers

I never understood the concept of vegetable burgers. They try to mimic real burgers, but never can taste as good. They almost always require getting chipped out of the freezer and microwaved to defrost. Worst off, these patties then get thrown onto the same grill used for regular meat. Usually, vegetarians and vegans know better than to eat from fast food restaurants. However, those that do may find themselves accidentally developing an unexpected taste for meat.

Noteworthy entries that missed the top five:

  • Fish filets or grilled chicken from McDonald’s, unless immediately after the breakfast switch – they sit there premade
  • Cheez-Wiz from any place that carries it – it never expires
  • Raisins from Cold Stone – it never gets changed
  • Cheese quesadilla from anywhere – it has very little cheese for the price
  • Soups and pastries from Panera Bread – it comes to the store frozen

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