Repurposing The Significance Of Bread At Grand Central Market’s 1st Annual Los Angeles Bread Festival Pop-Up

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Events, Food, Los Angeles
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Southern California had no shortage of events this past weekend, many of which took place in or around Downtown Los Angeles. One such event took place at Grand Central Market, where they held their 1st Annual Los Angeles Bread Festival. This free and all-ages event covered much of the western side of the Grand Central Market, representing a pop-up with a handful of local bread vendors, demonstrations, and speaker panels talking about the status of bread locally and globally. With many people going gluten-free these days, the speaker panels helped to shed light on the negative connotation of bread. Most people quickly point a finger at bread blaming it for the cause of gluten-related illnesses, while in truth most people cannot even identify the definition of gluten. This Bread Festival exhibited the many options regarding bread consumption, considering how far bread has gone beyond the simple white bread loaf we typically find in grocery stores. From artisanal bread to gluten-free bread, visitors found a plethora of bread options and substitutes. Grand Central Market stocked enough activities to last a full two days for people to participate in, and they have plenty more events in store in the future. Stay up to date with what will happen at Grand Central Market by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter.

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