On The Sidelines – Brody’s Burgers & Beer’s Spicy Onion Petals

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Food, Restaurant, San Diego
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How often do you deviate off the beaten path? As creatures of habit, humans tend to stick with safe things rather than venture out and feel adventurous. People tend to cluster around certain established areas instead of going out of the way to discover something new, which may prove more effective or not. Highly urban areas have a greater concentration of people and businesses, but places in between large urban areas do not carry as much in the way of businesses. For example, Baker between Southern California and Las Vegas may have lots of food options, but not much else to make them a “destination” area instead of an area you pass through to get to somewhere else. Lately, we have started to see these “pass through” areas start to add more businesses to attract people to intentionally visit there. The city of Jamul basically exists between the San Diego metropolitan and Tecate, but people rarely venture out to Jamul as a destination. That all changed when Brody’s Burgers & Beer opened their doors to the public.

Jamul appears as a town in the hills that you drive through to reach somewhere else, but once you take time to discover the gems there, you may find at least a day’s worth of things to do. Make sure you include Brody’s Burgers & Beer as a spot to dine at, a place that looks like a dive bar but has the food and beer that rivals many other fancy gastropubs. Family owned and operated since 2012, Brody’s has a rotating craft beer lineup that always features a handful of beers outside of San Diego County, but perhaps their food makes them stand out the most. Using only fresh ingredients, you can get great traditional food here constructed very well, from their burgers to their salads and their sides. All of the food tastes fantastic, but their Spicy Onion Petals remain a standard menu item that I always order here. These fried onions look like potato wedges, but if you imagine thick-cut onions, battered with herbs & spices, then deep-fried, you get this delicious appetizer that goes well with any of Brody’s food and beer.

If you seek something off the beaten path in San Diego County, you will want to input Brody’s Burgers & Beer as your destination. Whether stopping by for a meal or just a drink, make sure you accompany your visit with some Spicy Onion Petals for just $4.50 with your choice of dipping condiment. Support this local family-owned business by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter, and tell all your friends and family about this gem.

  1. I can’t thank you enough for this! I literally have tears in my eyes!

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