Getting A Sip Of Eagle Rock At Eagle Rock Brewery’s 5th Annual Session Fest

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Beer, Events, Los Angeles
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More often than not, a beer festival starts out fun, but ends up turning into a drunk fest. Some beer festivals only care about filling people up with beer, while the better festivals deliver the quality beer from local microbreweries. Regardless of the size, the latter easily applies to Eagle Rock Brewery, a well-known microbrewery in the greater Los Angeles area. Eagle Rock Brewery’s take on approachable beers full of flavor makes them great for both casual beer drinkers and craft beer enthusiasts. One could find both of these types of people at Eagle Rock Brewery’s 5th Annual Session Fest this past Sunday, a beer tasting event dedicated to session beers. For those unfamiliar, session beers carry lots of flavor while keeping alcohol content low. This allows drinkers to enjoy more beers in a given time frame without overloading on alcohol or killing the palate with strong or hoppy beers. This year, Eagle Rock Brewery switched things up by inviting other local breweries to bring their session beers in to sample to guests. Doing this shows that not only Eagle Rock does session beers – other breweries churn out session beers too.

Keeping with tradition of Session Fest, all of the staff at Eagle Rock Brewery contributed towards the beer selection at Session Fest. Every staff member brewed their own session beer for the fest, based on their personal taste preference. The other breweries served their session beers from the tasting room, while all the Eagle Rock Brewery beers poured from the brewhouse. Anticipating a greater turnout this year, their brewhouse received a reshuffle to allow more guests to hang out inside. In addition, they finally have air circulating in the brewhouse, eliminating the heat issue that occurred last year. Guests paid $15 at the counter to receive three 8oz pours of any session beer of their choice, plus the glass to take home. If guests wanted more than three beers, they could purchase more tasters at cost.

With a greater selection of beers this time around, some guests would have a hard time deciding which beers to taste. Keeping in mind that guest breweries brought beers that they normally serve, I opted to seek out the Eagle Rock Brewery beers, as nobody can try any of these beers anywhere else but during Session Fest. As expected, these beers contained just as much flavor as the same category of beer, but with lower alcohol content.

Microbreweries like Eagle Rock Brewery prove that craft beer represents more than just higher alcohol beer. Microbreweries place an emphasis on flavor and ingredients, not alcohol percentage. It just so happens that more alcohol may result from certain ingredients added into the brewing process. In a culture where people look at absolute percentages to rate beers, we often overlook that some of the most popular local beers have relatively low alcohol content. Session beers allow us to appreciate the ingredients that go into our drinks without the worry of getting drunk too quickly. Cheers to Eagle Rock Brewery for raising awareness of beers for their flavor rather than strength. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for future happenings from Eagle Rock.


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