Turning It Up To Eleven At Beach City Brewery’s 1st Anniversary Celebration

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Prior to last year, Huntington Beach never truly had a standalone microbrewery. In downtown, they have Huntington Beach Beer Company, but they qualify more as a brewpub, and they do not widely distribute their beers. Huntington Beach also has Brewbakers, but they function more as a homebrew store than an actual brewery. Last year, Huntington Beach welcomed two new additions to the Orange County craft beer family, starting with Beach City Brewery. Located in an industrial block off the intersection of Beach Blvd and Slater Ave, this microbrewery has gained massive ground in the Southern California craft beer market. In the past year, Beach City has visited nearly every restaurant and bar in Orange County that serves craft beer, and they have already gotten into retail with their bottles and cans. With this much momentum, Beach City shows no signs of wavering any time soon.

For their anniversary celebration this past weekend, Beach City held nothing back for guests to fully enjoy the experience. They released special beers each day from Friday through Sunday, had food trucks over at all times, and had live music and outdoor games. On Saturday evening, they even shared a birthday cake with all the guests. With the way they spaced things, it never truly felt crowded.

From this point, Beach City Brewery can only go up. Expect to see greater things coming from the Beach City Brewery camp in the coming years. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for the latest news on what will come up.


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