De Fiesta Dura En El 2nd Annual Sabroso Craft Beer & Taco Festival

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Beer, Events, Food, Music, Orange County
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On a holiday weekend filled with tons of events throughout Southern California, one of them shined the brightest among them all – the 2nd Annual Sabroso Craft Beer & Taco Festival. Organized by the creative geniuses behind OC Brew Ha Ha, this grand festival celebrated the Cinco de Mayo weekend with tacos rolling, beers flowing, musicians strolling, and wrestlers throwing. This past Saturday from 11am to 4pm, over 30 different microbreweries set up stations at Lakeview Park, a part of the Irvine Lake area in Silverado, to serve their tasty brews to the thousands of visitors. Admission to this festival included unlimited beer tastings and access to the multitude of food vendors, all selling gourmet tacos for $3 each. While all the attendees enjoyed their beers and tacos, Lucha Libre wrestlers entertained the crowds with their antics and wrestling, and great local music acts filled the air with resonance all day.

The doors to the festival opened at 11am, but only allowed access to the first area, which contained all the merchandise and food vendors. With the exception of a few breweries, no visitor could yet access the breweries down below. More than enough food vendors served up great tacos for everyone to munch on, including but not limited to Haven Gastropub, The Kroft, Taps Fish House, Brewcakes, Stadium Brewing, The Iron Press, The Viking Truck, Porko Rico BBQ, and Dos Chinos.

Words can only say so much, so enjoy the photo tour of Sabroso! We start with a preview of the event grounds, prior to everyone entering the festival.

Before the beer tasting could start, all guests remained in the upper area with all the food. Once 12pm hit, the barriers came down, and everyone flocked down the hill to get some refreshments.

The first wrestling matches started within the first hour. These two back-to-back matches provided some warmup entertainment for everyone starting to feel the buzz of the beers.

With the first hour of beer underway, people started to feel good here, despite the overbearing sunlight and heat. At this point, I started to encounter familiar faces from previous beer events.

Before I knew it, 2pm had come around. 2pm marked a significant turn as that represented the halfway point of the festival. Not only that, but at least four breweries had special beer releases at that time: Bottle Logic, Valiant, Einstök, and Left Coast. Bottle Logic had a ridiculously long line, so I lingered around the other three to indulge in their rare brews before I wandered back over to Bottle Logic.

Announced earlier in the day, the main wrestling event would represent a feud between Bottle Logic and Noble Ale. As two of the largest breweries in Orange County, they each possess a massive fan base that continuously go at it to decide who should reign as the top brewery. The wrestling match contained three wrestlers per side in a tag-team match with the respective brewery representatives on the sidelines: Brandon from Bottle Logic, and Brad from Noble Ale. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the match ended up getting postponed from its original 2pm time slot.

While waiting for the main wresting event, I took this time to explore around to see how the guests fared up until now. A few guests certainly felt the pressure of intoxication, while most others simply enjoyed their day here. Oh, and Clown Shoes Beer brought a clown for additional entertainment.

The main wrestling match provided more comedy than athleticism, as more than just the wrestlers started to get involved. Eventually, both the Noble Ale and Bottle Logic camps put their feet forward, leading to what appeared as a brawl in the making. However, they bluffed us all, and ended up “agreeing” to brew a collaboration beer. Did they arrange this announcement beforehand? Will they actually make a collaboration beer? Only time will tell, so we will have to wait until the next major beer festival to discover the fate of there two breweries’ agreement.

Remember the clown from earlier? Not wanting to lose the attention of the crowd, she started doing some… interesting things with her clown toys.

With minutes remaining in the final hour of the event, I walked around one more time to see how all the guests felt after hours of drinking in the hot sun.

You cannot find a better Orange County beer festival than anything from OC Brew Ha Ha. When they organize something, they do it right with no excuses. Looking forward to attending their next event? Make sure you mark Saturday, September 12, 2015 on your calendar, as the 6th Annual Orange County Brew Ha Ha will return to Oak Canyon Park in Silverado on that day. Remember to Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter for all the latest details from the OC Brew Ha Ha camp.

  1. Rina says:

    Great article, but their next event is Brew Hee Haw at the OC Fair and it’s fun too! July 17-19. See you there!

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