It Looked Like A Los Angeles Punk Show At The Inland Empire Brewing Company 6th Anniversary Celebration

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Beer, Events, Food Truck, Inland Empire, Music
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The Inland Empire Brewing Company held their 6th Anniversary Celebration this past Saturday at their facility in Riverside. Unlike their first five years where they held a beer, music, and food truck festival, IEBC toned things down a bit this time. They still ended up fencing off a portion of the parking lot behind the production facility – a much smaller area than previous years. This year’s celebration did not require any admission – visitors could enter the area for free. Visitors wanting to drink beer had to purchase beer tickets at the door – $4 for one ticket, or $20 for six tickets. Each ticket redeemed one beer pour, and any individual could buy as many tickets as they could handle. The fenced off area held various food trucks from Los Angeles and Orange County, plus a stage for local musicians to perform on.

For toning things down, the IEBC still had a good thing going on. The main entrance confused me at first, as I saw a table with prices and wristbands. It took me a few minutes to discover that wristbands only indicated showing proof of age, and that visitors needed to buy tickets to drink. I did not expect the IEBC to tone their anniversary down like this, but perhaps this means that they just need a larger space. If the last two years have taught me anything, this small parking lot cannot contain all the enthusiastic craft beer fans for one sole event. If the IEBC wants to return to a festival setting next year, they really ought to look into hosting it at a larger venue.


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