Pork Yeah! Abigaile Restaurant’s P.I.G. “Pop Tarts”

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Bacon, Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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Americans have an indescribable lust for bacon. No one can quickly discover the origin of why people love bacon so much. In fact, some people even accuse bacon as the reason why vegans hate carnivores so much. If bacon lovers talked about bacon as often as vegans talk about Veganism, perhaps the world would look at things a different way. Alas, we live in a society where vegans, atheists, and CrossFitters talk nonstop about what they do, and no one blabs about bacon. Truthfully, enough people love bacon that it simply goes without saying, so bacon remains an unspoken love. With an abundance of bacon everywhere, we tend to require the assistance of locals to direct us to places with amazing bacon eats. So when I had planned to commute to Hermosa Beach recently, a kind local directed me to a restaurant that brewed their own beer. Whaaaat?!

Hermosa Beach does not shy away from food businesses, as they have to cater to the thousands of monthly tourists that all have different tastes. As a tourist town, most of the businesses here have “safe” foods, or food that lacks creativity and originality. As a somewhat local person, I filtered through the restaurants with common foods, and my search landed me at Abigaile Restaurant. The building that Abigaile inhabits had gone through multiple business changes in the past couple of decades, but I believe that the folks behind Abigaile have found a winning business formula. Abigaile operates as a gastropub, serving up delicious traditional foods with modern reinventions to step things up a level. In addition to dazzling food, they also brew their own beer on the premises, but I will save that discussion for another day. For now, we focus on the food; specifically, the P.I.G. “Pop Tarts,” a customer favorite. A perfect meal for any time of the day, Abigaile starts with a puff pastry crust, and layers in smoked pork confit (leg), bacon lardons, and gruyère cheese. They then wrap this up, bake it to a golden brown, sprinkle Pecorino cheese on top, and serve it with tomato jam. For something this savory, only the hoppiest of beers can hope to cut through the meat’s intense flavor to bring about balance to the palate. Luckily, Abigaile brews their own double IPA called Beetlejuice DIPA that perfectly pairs with this porky hand pie.

Customers rave about the P.I.G. “Pop Tarts” for good reason, as it stands to solely represent the restaurant’s formidable culinary presence. You can snarf down your own P.I.G. “Pop Tarts” for just $13 at Abigaile in Hermosa Beach. For more updates from Abigaile, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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