Beer Up – Bottle Logic Brewing Celebrated Their 1st Anniversary With The Week Of Logic

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Following up from last week’s post, Bottle Logic Brewing celebrated their first anniversary with a full week of beer festivities in order to accommodate for an anticipated large appearance of visitors. As explained in the previous posting, Bottle Logic released an exclusive new beer daily starting on March 22 and going to March 28, culminating with the release of Ideation, a Bourbon-Aged Wheat Wine. To reward loyal customers, Bottle Logic came up with the idea of a passport – a mini booklet that chronicled daily visits during the Week of Logic. By showing up to the tasting room on a specific day, folks would receive a unique stamp in the passport representative of that particular day. By the end of the week, folks would receive various goodies for receiving stamps in their passport – three stamps nets a bottle opener, five stamps nets an anniversary glass, and seven stamps from going everyday this week nets a t-shirt. Last week, I had already received the bottle opener. By finishing off my daily visits through Saturday, I received the anniversary glass and the baseball t-shirt.

As for the beers, it got better with each day. Thursday brought about four variations of Fundamental Observation aged in different whisky barrels – a tough one to drink due to the strong alcohol content, so I had to sip that one. On Friday, we got to try the Sangria Tripel, an odd and unique brew. It had a strange blend of sangria, wine, and a Belgian beer, a combination that gives it the “black sheep” archetype. I like the uniqueness of it, but something about it tasted off – luckily Bottle Logic intends to release a more aged version of it later this year, so we will get another chance to try it. Finally, Saturday delivered two promising brews to our lips: Ideation and the Brewmaster’s Reverse variation of Darkstar November. As Bottle Logic’s description stated, Ideation basically tastes like candy. As for the Darkstar, oh man did this go down smoothly. I could sip on this nightly and die happy.

With so much momentum built up during their first year, Bottle Logic sits as one of the top microbreweries in Orange County. Stay up to date with all things Bottle Logic by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter, and remember to keep an eye on upcoming beer festivals that Bottle Logic might participate in. (hint)


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