Beef It Up – Seoulmate’s The Old Boy

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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By the end of 2008, the first ever gourmet food truck had hit the streets in an attempt to revolutionize the way people think about food trucks. People started talking, and by the end of 2009, the public started to see more and more of these gourmet food trucks that deliver new and interesting foods. Prior to the boom of the gourmet food truck fad, these cuisine styles did not get much exposure, as they only had their roots in the restaurants that served those cuisines. Gourmet food trucks not only had the advantage of mobility of exposure, but they heavily utilized social media to reach out to the public, also setting a precedent for business owners to heavily push social media as a means of marketing and advertising. The concept of fusion cuisine remained relatively uncommon until the gourmet food trucks blasted it all over social media, and now many restaurants have capitalized on that concept. Notably, Asian & Latin fusion really took off thanks to the abundance of Asian & Latin gourmet food trucks, so we got to see things like short rib burritos or pork belly tacos. Many restaurants now offer Asian & Latin fusion cuisines, but not all of them get it right. Luckily, the folks over at Seoulmate have an expert at hand to ensure the proper serving of Asian & Latin fusion cuisine.

Located at the former Mosher’s Gourmet on 7th Street across from Wilson High School, Seoulmate could possibly represent the next hidden gem that Long Beach has always craved. Open since December 2013, Seoulmate looks like a food stand at the side of the road, just like another famous Long Beach landmark; however, Seoulmate proves that one cannot judge a book by its cover. From the outside, it looks like a fast food shack. From the inside, you will discover what could turn into your next favorite lunch spot. Sporting a bold menu consisting of traditional Korean dishes and fusion Korean entrées, Seoulmate has the right stuff to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Sure they carry the traditional bulgogi, kimchi, and bibimbap, but ask loyal customers what keeps them returning to Seoulmate, and they will respond with the fusion items. From burgers to tacos to tortas to burritos, Seoulmate adds some Korean zing to whatever they concoct. The fan favorite, The Old Boy burrito, contains a massive portion of bulgogi beef, along with kimchi, onions, cilantro, lettuce, and rice wrapped in a flour tortilla. You can grab The Old Boy for yourself for $8.50, but I recommend turning it up a notch by adding avocado for just $0.75 more.

Fans of those runaway gourmet food trucks no longer need to worry about hunting down their next meal, as they can simply approach Seoulmate and take a burrito for the now and a burrito for the later, as this burrito can make a great meal or snack later on for those who can reheat it then. Check out the rest of Seoulmate’s menu, a wonderland of fusion flavors, on their website linked above, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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