Freshly-Picked Made-To-Order Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream From Creamistry

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Dessert, Food, Inland Empire, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, Restaurant
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With every passing year, brilliant minds introduce the world to new inventions and innovations that revolutionize the way people go about their everyday lives. In an instant, something new can come into our lives that essentially adds convenience to a previous task. For example, at the beginning of last decade, very few people carried cell phones, while most others had pagers. A few years later, a majority of the world owned a cell phone. Many other new products or ideas come around that either invent or reinvent objects for the everyday consumer. For example, spiral potato cutters came into the food industry less than a decade ago, and now these things appear in most major cities. Another new concept that has blown up recently involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze food so quickly that it does not have time to form ice crystals. What practical use can one apply this to? We shall investigate the folks behind the counters of your local Creamistry.

Using liquid nitrogen to churn up fresh ice cream in an instant has existed in the food industry for a handful of years already, but it really took off about a year or two ago. Around that time, the first ever Creamistry opened their doors to the public to deliver fresh made-to-order ice cream to the hands of locals. At first, one might see Creamistry as just any other ice cream shop like Cold Stone or whatever. Unlike those other shops that have their ice cream premade and sitting in tubs in a display freezer accumulating ice crystals, Creamistry has no ice cream ever premade until you, the customer, orders it. Every single person has different tastes, and each person craves different things at different times. Creamistry allows you to build your own cup of ice cream with whatever flavor you want. Craving something chocolatey? Order some chocolate ice cream with brownies mixed in. Craving something refreshing? Order a fruit flavor like pineapple and add fresh fruits like strawberries. Have children with you? Order them cake ice cream with M&M’s mixed in. Creamistry boasts that over a thousand combinations exist, so you can order something new every time you visit a Creamistry.

While the price difference between a small, medium, and family-size (large) differ drastically, the actual size difference matters in servings. A small cup has more than enough for one person, a medium can serve two people, and a family-size can serve four or more, depending on appetite. Creamistry offers other products as well, such as craft sodas, shakes, floats, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, waffle bowls, and brownie bowls.

Intrigued, I ordered an Orange Bang ice cream on my first visit. It deeply reminded me of a 50/50 bar, sans the ice crystals!

As of this posting, Creamistry currently has five locations open: Irvine, Cerritos, Belmont Shore (Long Beach), Corona, and Rowland Heights. Expect to see new locations soon in Costa Mesa and Mission Viejo. Curious to see the difference before you taste the difference? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates from the Creamistry camp.

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