Sipping On Strongs At Newport Beach Brewing Company’s 20th Anniversary Brewfest 7

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Beer, Events, Orange County, Restaurant
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Newport Beach Brewing Company celebrated their 20th anniversary with their 7th Annual Brewfest this past Sunday at their restaurant in Newport Beach. Unlike many other Southern Californian beer festivals, this fest took place all indoors at their restaurant, which allowed attendees to order food should they get hungry. Admission to this beer tasting event cost $35 and provided unlimited beer pours from 1pm to 5pm. Multiple local breweries lined the perimeter of the restaurant, bringing out some rather strong beers for such a small fest. Because of the small size of this fest, unlike a large-scale beer fest, this little fest caters mainly to the locals that frequent this restaurant. Granted, true beer lovers would travel great distances for beer opportunities like this, and this went surprisingly well given the limitation in space. Unlimited pours coupled with strong beers make for a successful beer fest, despite running out of room to seat guests.

I hate to leave such a short review, but nothing extraordinary occurred that made this beer fest stand out. The venue had their strong beers, and the guests had a great time. All in all, it ran smoothly with no hiccups. Should you return to Brewfest 8 next year? Why wait until next year? Visit Newport Beach Brewing Company any time during the year, and enjoy a cold one or two.


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