Noble Ale Works Takes The Reins At Their 4th Anniversary Celebration

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Beer, Events, Music, Orange County
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Orange County’s Noble Ale Works opened just over four years ago, and this past Saturday afternoon, they celebrated the third anniversary of their opening with a beer festival at their tasting room. Noble Ale has quickly risen as one of Southern California’s more well-known microbreweries. This beer festival allowed for unlimited beer tastings during the festival hours, unlike most beer festivals in Southern California that limit attendees with the amount of beer they can have. Serving over 30 different brews that they have concocted over the past four years, Noble Ale took the reins of their celebration this year, unlike previous years where a third party organization organized the fest.

Noble Ale fixed a handful of problems that existed last year, but they could not solve every issue in one go. Prominently, they resolved the physical setup that plagued them last year. Instead of having all the beer under one tent in the middle of the parking lot, Noble Ale placed tables around the perimeter of the parking lot, spreading out the lines and balancing them out. Although this requires more setup on Noble’s part, this made for an easier experience for guests, as they could navigate the fest with ease and not have to fret over clumps and lines. I also heard that Noble cut the admission down significantly this year, selling out of tickets a day prior to the festival. Last year, they kept selling tickets all the way to last call. Combine that with all the beer in one spot, and last year felt oversold, a problem that did not exist this time. Some issues did persist that Noble Ale could not fully resolve. Despite reducing admission, the event still felt somewhat oversold, with long lines for the timed releases. Everyone surely felt the pressure of the massive crowd when it came time to unload all that beer. With only two restrooms inside and six outside, it took longer to let loose than to refill up. As another issue from last year, two types of admissions existed – general admission to start at 1pm, or pay $10 more to enter an hour earlier. Arriving way early showed that attendees had entered and started drinking before noon, and those who only bought the regular admission had gotten in by 12:30pm.

Overall, the major fixes outweighed the problems faced at this festival. I would say that Noble Ale did a fine job running their own celebration, and hopefully they make things run smooth next year for their fifth anniversary.

Interestingly, the live music consisted of a handful of head brewers from some Southern Californian breweries. Eagle Rock, Stone, Beachwood BBQ, Monkish, and Noble all made a presence to greet guests in person and on stage. Props to the Monkish dude for playing Fugazi and Minor Threat.

Noble Ale Works has carved out a name in Orange County’s history, so why have they not grown to a greater location? As the hermit ages, the hermit must leave the old shell behind to seek out a larger shell. This celebration clearly demonstrated the soaring popularity of this brewery, and that Noble Ale can only go up from here on out. Once you try their brews, you will understand the prominence of Noble Ale Works.

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