Beer Up – Noble Ale Works’ Big Whig IPA

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Beer, Orange County
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Many people have heard of the term acquired taste, but most people rarely ever can apply that to their own lives. For example, wine definitely falls under the category of acquired tastes, as most people do not simply grow up enjoying the taste of wine. One could say that beer also falls under the category of acquired tastes. Who honestly grows up liking the taste of fizzy yellow water? Thankfully with the advent of microbreweries, new styles of beer have come to the market that aspire to ease the introduction of beer to non-beer drinkers. Experienced beer drinkers no longer need to subject their friends to the torment of fizzy yellow water, when approachable brews now exist for those without the acquired taste for beers. It takes time to build an acquired taste for beer – it took me over a year to get used to the bitterness of IPA beers, and I still cannot withstand sours or wild ales. For those just starting to get into bitter beers like an IPA, I have a suggestion right for you.

Where people best know San Diego for their hoppy beers, Orange County has more progressive or experimental beers in their local microbreweries. For example, Noble Ale Works does not specialize in one specific style of beer. The folks at Noble Ale Works constantly create new beers, and by now, they probably have brewed every single type of beer in the world. Everyone has a trial & error phase, so if a brew does not work out, they move on to the next. When a brew does work out, Noble Ale ensures that they keep it in the repertoire, such as with their Big Whig IPA. Now available in 22oz bombers for retail, this 6.8% abv west coast IPA contains notes of tangerine, honey, and rosemary, all of which contribute towards a big, piney, lingering finish. It does not come off as bitter as one would expect – for a west coast IPA, Big Whig drinks nice and balanced, perfect to pair with savory and/or spicy foods.

Enjoy Big Whig IPA and more of Noble Ale’s brews at their fourth anniversary celebration this Saturday afternoon at their tasting room. General admission costs $40 and provides three hours (starting at 1pm) of over 30 different brews, unlimited pours, live music, food trucks, a souvenir glass, and more. For $10 more, enter an hour early to get a head-start on the day. No one under 21 may attend this event.


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