Previewing the Halls of 4th Street Market During Savor Santa Ana

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Following up on a rather successful run of their first event back in September, Savor Santa Ana returned to the East End of Downtown Santa Ana last Thursday evening. Savor Santa Ana allowed visitors of all ages to stroll through Downtown Santa Ana to sample food & drinks from various participating businesses. Set up similarly to Belmont Shore’s Stroll & Savor, visitors must purchase a $10 booklet containing tickets that they can redeem for food or drink samples throughout Downtown Santa Ana. Back in September during the first run of this event, each booklet contained 12 tickets, and businesses took varying amounts of tickets. This time, all booklets contained only five tickets, and businesses still took varying amounts of tickets for a sample. Despite the flyer saying that visitors get five tastes, obtaining an item for three tickets and another for two tickets only allowed for two tastes. Overall, this event felt rushed, as it did not have the captivating aura of its first event, and holding it in March would make this half a year apart from its last run. I believe the main reason for holding this event last week revolved around the opening of 4th Street Market.

The next foodie paradise has arrived in Downtown Santa Ana, and they officially opened their doors to the public this past Monday morning. If you have visited the Anaheim Packing House, this place will feel very familiar. The 4th Street Market contains a plethora of food-oriented businesses that will surely provide for anyone’s eating needs. Located on the northeast corner of E 4th St and N Bush St, this massive complex contains halls filled with many different eating & drinking options. Consider this a food court for the hip, as it does cost a pretty penny to dine here. About half of the businesses here derive from a previously existing business, such as a food truck or another location elsewhere in Orange County. Local favorites such as Dos Chinos, Chunk N Chip, Front Porch Pops, and Portola Coffee Lab have found a new home here, while famous names such as Jason Quinn and the Foodbeast Kitchen & Studio have claimed spaces here.

If you ever find yourself in or around Santa Ana, you owe it to yourself to stop on by 4th Street Market and check out what foods you have waited to try all this time.


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