Beer Up – Highland Park Contains A Hidden Brewery Inside of The Hermosillo

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Bar, Beer, Los Angeles
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Something strange has happened to Highland Park in the past few years. Traditionally, this neighborhood located northeast of Downtown Los Angeles contained a population consisting of a majority of Latinos, with more than half of the inhabitants born in Mexico. From the outside, commuting through Highland Park gives the vibe of a sketchy neighborhood, similar to East LA or South Central. Most of the streets, buildings, and houses appear old and unattended, yet within these walls, a new life stirs amongst the locals. It appears that the young generation seek to work from the inside to polish this neighborhood into something that travelers would love to visit instead of commuting through. I never considered Highland Park a destination – I always drove through it on my way to Eagle Rock or Pasadena. With the recent changes to some local businesses and the rise of a punk rock culture here, Highland Park may soon start to see much more consumerism here, especially since Highland Park contains a hidden microbrewery.

Located inside The Hermosillo, Highland Park Brewery plays it subtle by not explicitly broadcasting their location with a glamorous sign outside of their building. This brewery’s tap room shares its space with The Hermosillo, a local bar & grill that proudly blasts punk rock music. Despite the dimly-lit interior that makes this place appear like a dive bar, The Hermosillo has more going on than any old dive bar – they serve restaurant-quality food that can qualify them as a gastropub. In addition to the food, they proudly pour beers from Highland Park Brewery, as well as beers from other local breweries. Because they can fill any of your growlers here, The Hermosillo functions as both a restaurant and a tasting room. Typically this falls under the definition of a brewpub, but The Hermosillo does a few things differently that set them apart from a brewpub, such as no table service, no hard alcohol, and no guest under the age of 21 allowed here. Basically, you walk in, order at the bar, pick up your drinks, then have a seat at the bar or a table. If you order food, they do have servers that bring food out to you, but they do not wait your tables – you can still order from the servers if they pass by your table, but the staff behind the bar holds your tab, so ultimately you must order at the bar.

Highland Park may not appear as a hip neighborhood on the outside like Echo Park or Silverlake, but keep in mind that inside those antique buildings lie the ambitious hearts of thousands of millennials hoping to turn this neighborhood into a bustling hangout spot. You truly cannot judge a book by its cover when you venture into Highland Park – you must open the covers to reveal these diamonds in the rough, especially Highland Park Brewery. Find out what Highland Park Brewery has in store next by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Alternatively, check up on The Hermosillo’s Facebook and Twitter pages since they do share the same building, and likely have the same things going on.


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