Beer Up – Out Of The Park Pizza Aims to Show Buena Park the Joys of Craft Beer

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Beer, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Before getting into the content of this post, let me tell you about two great websites that any craft beer enthusiast must know about. These websites basically resemble Google Maps with breweries already pinpointed on them. Any craft beer enthusiast planning a trip of any kind, whether by ground or air, will certainly want to keep these websites bookmarked. First off, we have The Beer Mapping Project. I discovered this site a handful of years ago, which allows you to view a map and filter it by breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, beer stores, and homebrew shops. I had used this site for all that time to locate and discover new breweries until I recently discovered BreweryMap last month. BreweryMap does more or less the same thing as Beer Mapping, but BreweryMap also has smartphone apps for Apple and Android devices, allowing you to locate beer out on the field. These apps cost $2.99 last I checked, but I highly suggest buying it for the love of craft beer.

So why did I bring all that up? If you check out the regional map for the greater Los Angeles area, you will notice some huge blank spots with virtually no beer presence. Microbreweries tend to exist in geographical clusters, such as in the South Bay or in the San Gabriel Valley. Some other places have almost no beer around – when looking at a map of Los Angeles, if you draw a region going clockwise from Downtown LA consisting of the 5, 55, 405, and 10 freeways, barely any craft beer exists there, sans some brewpubs that do not distribute their brews. That particular region typically does not prefer craft beer, as Budweiser keenly pointed out with a $9 million ad. Southern California provides a great atmosphere for the growth of craft beer, and more & more people start to desire it year after year. Introducing craft beer to regions without a strong presence of it poses no easy task, but Out Of The Park Pizza dared to step up to the plate to break that barrier.

Taking over the old Season Ticket Family Pizza location tucked away in a corner at Ball Road and Valley View Street, Out Of The Park Pizza has moved in to show the local community that they have the ability to turn this spot into a successful business. This particular location has changed ownerships so much in the past decade or two, but Out Of The Park Pizza boldly stepped up to the challenge of turning this into a lasting business. Out Of The Park Pizza had already cemented their legacy as a craft beer mecca with their original location in Anaheim Hills, so they already have the following to bring big business to this new location in Buena Park. This Buena Park location has the same setup as the former business – large dining room, televisions everywhere, an arcade room for the little ones, and a smaller space towards the back for private parties. I did not count how many taps they have, but they clearly have over 20 of them, which I believe they will rotate like any decent craft beer bar does once a keg blows.

As far as the food goes, it appeals to the masses. The food has nothing on hip, trendy restaurants serving food at gastropub levels, but it works for the atmosphere and audience. As a family-friendly restaurant, the menu must appeal to all ages, so even children must like the food. They have foods like Pizza Poppers, mozzarella and pepperoni stuffed into dough balls, that anyone can enjoy, then they have lots of pizza varieties, such as the Fried Egg Monster, a pizza with beef, chicken, pepperoni, bacon, garlic, and a fried egg. The food at Out Of The Park Pizza may not win any awards from me, but it does the job of satisfying people’s hunger, and anything on their menu sounds fantastic after you have had a few brews to guzzle.

Out Of The Park Pizza’s Buena Park location had a soft opening last week, meaning they should officially open up fully within the next month or two. Follow up with them on Facebook for the latest updates, including when they plan to hold their grand opening. Folks living in the Buena Park/La Palma/Cypress area finally have a place to enjoy craft beer, and should definitely invite their friends and family here.

  1. Julie says:

    I love this place for karaoke on Wednesday nights and am surprised that this place had so many craft beers on tap!

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