Beer Up – Bottle Logic Brewing’s Double Acutator

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Beer, Orange County
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Located just a stone’s throw away from where the 91 and 57 freeways meet in Anaheim, Bottle Logic Brewing has carved out a bold reputation for themselves with their succulent brews and innovative themes. All the staff at Bottle Logic come from experienced backgrounds, and thus could already brew beers to the standard set by many Southern Californian breweries. Bottle Logic aims to brew beers with unique ingredients for curious palates. They like to think outside of the box with their beers, and stray away from conventional, traditional beers. They apply a scientific approach to their brews, made evident by their beaker glasses and other themes around the tasting room. When tasting their beers, keep an open mind with their beers, and search for all the ingredients that go into that particular brew. A beer’s description may sound funky, but tasting it may reveal something you will crave more of. For example, take a look at their Double Actuator IPA. Dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, this bold yet balanced brew contains a floral nose and smooth bitterness, with hints of blueberries, mango, and papaya. Classified as a Double/Imperial IPA, this does not come off as super bitter – it goes down well, and goes well with any food or snack, especially if it has sharp or strong flavors like spicy or savory foods. You can find Double Actuator in 22oz bombers at your local craft beer shop throughout Southern California.


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