Glimpsing At Potential New Years Resolution Results At The 6th Annual Official OC Throwdown

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Events, Orange County, Sports
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The 6th Annual Official OC Throwdown (OCT) wrapped up this past weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds. This three-day fitness expo & competition attracted hundreds of athletes from across the world to compete physically for cash prizes, titles, bragging rights, and more. Spectators of all ages could enter for $40 for the entire weekend, or $20 presale or $30 on the day of the event for individual days. All of the actual competitions took place within The Hangar of the OC Fair, while the health & fitness expo, which featured over a dozen different related vendors, took place in the outdoor space outside of The Hangar. Eight different competitive events took place over the course of the three days, each with a solo run and a team run.

Outside at the health & fitness expo, dozens of vendors set up to display their products for sale, sample their products, or hold demo stations for visitors to try. Visitors could easily pick up a handful of samples that valued over $20. From protein bars to protein drink mixes to workout accessories, visitors could probably make their money back with all the swag they could take away.

All of the competitive events took place inside The Hangar. Events here largely follow the workouts of the CrossFit world, and utilized movements from CrossFit gyms. For example, the first competitive event involved handstand walking, single-leg squats, single-arm kettlebell work, and more. Moving on to something completely different, the second event involved ascending hurdles. Each lane contained eight hurdles that each increased in height by two inches. Men started with 42″ and ended at 56″, while women started at 32″ and ended at 46″.

The third competitive event, named “Jetfuel,” involved rowing, deadlifts, and burpees with a jump over a wall.

The 2015 CrossFit Open takes place in March, so competitive athletes such as the many that competed at the Official OCT would take any opportunity they can to compete and prepare for the main event coming up in under two months from now. Going to a CrossFit competition strongly resembles attending any other local competitive sporting event as well, such as swim meets or baseball games – it just depends how much you enjoy the particular activity, and if you do, the crowd goes wild for it. Heck, people even go crazy for competitive eating, which goes to show you that human nature desires seeing others compete for something that they seek. Stay on the lookout for competitive events in your area, especially in the upcoming months. You may find that you appreciate something more than you would expect. (Have you seen how crazy people get for CURLING?!)


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