South Orange County, You Now Have Your Craft Beer Central At The Brew House

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Bar, Beer, Orange County
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For a few years already, the craft beer scene has grown rapidly in Orange County, but moreso in the northern half of Orange County than the southern half. With big hits like The Bruery, Bootlegger’s Brewery, and Noble Ale Works all within a few miles from each other, travelers from all over can appreciate the local beer availability in this area. Most of the craft beer places in North Orange County form a geographical cluster that allows for craft beer enthusiasts to easily connect the dots and visit multiple locations in a short period of time. Down in South Orange County, craft beer places exists so few and far between that nobody has a centralized location or region to enjoy craft beer. Breweries such as Cismontane or Left Coast lie so far from each other that people rarely complete a brewery tour in South Orange County. Citizens of South Orange County usually had to travel to North Orange County or North San Diego County to enjoy their craft beer; however, the time has come for South Orange County to no longer need to travel far to enjoy a cold one. Enter The Brew House, the first original tap house of South Orange County.

Tucked away in the back of a lengthy strip mall in San Juan Capistrano, The Brew House has delivered the ultimate craft beer destination to South Orange County. With 30 beers on draft and over 100 bottled beers for your drinking pleasure, The Brew House will surely please anyone’s palate. Imagine the “hang out” atmosphere of a coffee shop, then mix that with a beer tasting room, and you essentially have what The Brew House behaves as. First-time visitors may enter the place and believe that the folks here brew their own beer. While they have devised their own brews in the past, they have yet to introduce it to this tap room. For now, they feel content to serve up beers from dozens of breweries from around the world. They strive to make this a place that people will want to not just visit and go, but stay to enjoy some drinks and relax. They have accomplished that with free wi-fi, outlets for electronic devices, furniture, and food in the form of bar snacks or the occasional mobile food vendor (customers may bring their own food in). As far as non-beer beverages go, they have a few wine varieties available for those who want it. In the future, I would love to see them brew craft sodas.

With its location right off a major freeway, craft beer enthusiasts now have a true destination in South Orange County rather than seeing it only as a passage from San Diego to North Orange County. Now that they have officially opened their doors to the public, stop on in soon and see what amazing beers you may discover here. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for news and updates from behind the tap room.

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