Beef It Up – Grill ‘Em All’s The Manowar A.K.A. Tommy Dreamer

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Burgers, Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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When you ask Americans what they envision of as “American” food, what do you suppose they think of? Most commonly, responses will include hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, and pizza. Although Americans easily recognize these foods, they all have origins outside of America – hamburgers and hot dogs descended from a German background, while pizza and wings came to us from Italian influences. Instead, Americans categorize food by regions where certain foods reign prominent. For example, Americans often associate barbecue with Memphis, Kansas, or Texas. As another example, a classic food battle exists with pizza between Chicago and New York. Most people who have not traveled to Chicago may not comprehend Chicago’s pizza, which lends way to the dominant abundance of New York style pizza commonly found at your local pizzeria. New York itself exists as a grand mecca for many popular food styles, not forgetting that the infamous Cronut originated there. New York has also served as the inspiration of many different foods all over the world, and Grill ‘Em All certainly has a New York state of mind this month.

Famously known as the winner of the first season of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, Grill ‘Em All has since evolved from a food truck to their very own brick & mortar restaurant in Alhambra. The theme has not faded away in the slightest – they still sling hamburgers with a heavy metal influence, except now with a full kitchen, they can crank up the volume in more ways than one. With more room comes more content coming our way, such as craft beer availability, special guest appearances, and wrestling themes. Grill ‘Em All uses the latter as a component of the inspiration behind their burgers of the month, such as with December 2014’s burger of the month, The Manowar A.K.A. Tommy Dreamer. Paying tribute to heroes of New York, this monumental burger basically contains two meals in one. The burger basics all reside here: a 1/2-pound beef burger cooked medium rare, mozzarella cheese, arugula, and garlic-buttered buns. The New York style comes in with marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, and the kicker: Funyun-coated deep-fried lasagna. Yeah, that sounds like something one would encounter at a state fair. The lasagna by itself qualifies as a standalone meal, but thrown on top of an all-beef patty, then you have a wallop of a burger. Deciphering how to eat this may pose a challenge. I advise against pressing it down to get it to the optimal size to fit in it your jaw, as that will not only squeeze the sauces and juices out, but break the lasagna. You can tackle this any way you want, but I will suggest two primary methods of breaking this down. For maximal enjoyment, cut this burger into slices/wedges to get every flavor in each bite. For minimal mess, split it in half horizontally by removing the lasagna off the beef patty, creating two open-faced sandwiches. Using the latter means that you would either have to make two cuts to get all the flavor in one bite, or taste something different with each bite.

With colder days coming, this gargantuan burger fits the season quite well. Trek on over to Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra this month, where you can smash your own Manowar for $15, and get a taste of New York in your mouth.


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