Beer Up – Costa Mesa Welcomes Barley Forge Brewing To The Orange County Craft Beer Scene

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Beer, Orange County
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Orange County continues to build its craft beer momentum with the introduction of Barley Forge Brewing. Tucked away behind The Camp in Costa Mesa in the triangle created by the 405, 55, and 73 freeways, Barley Forge had already forged a legacy of their own among Orange County’s craft beer enthusiasts. Although I had not personally heard of Barley Forge up until this month, the name easily spread out through the veins of Orange County and as far down as San Diego County during the Brewers Guild Fest. One look at their tasting room, and one will understand how this brewery has generated so much buzz prior to their grand opening this past Saturday. In stark contrast to another brewery that also had their grand opening that same day, a waltz into the Barley Forge tasting room will have you feeling like you just walked into a millionaire’s playground. I mean, just how much money went into building this masterpiece? I can safely say that the folks behind Barley Forge proved their point that they intend to stay in this industry for a very long time.

Barley Forge has brought an important craft beer presence to this neglected central county area. With only Bayhawk Ales nearby (who does not have a tasting room), folks in this neck of Orange County finally have a haven to sip on some sophistication with their pinkies held high in the air. For future updates on Barley Forge, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Who knows – they may get into something really big within the next few weeks!


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