Beer Up – Skyland Ale Works Brings A Much-Needed Craft Beer Presence To Corona

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Beer, Inland Empire
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In the craft beer industry, the location of a microbrewery’s facilities can make or break the business. For the most part, a microbrewery will have a tasting room in the same building as the production facility. Very few breweries have a tasting room separate from the actual brewery; for example, Ohana Brewing has its brewery near Downtown Los Angeles, while its tasting room resides in Alhambra. Microbreweries essentially require a building designed for industrial purposes, such as a warehouse. Since industrial buildings tend to exist in large clusters near each other, this explains the phenomenon that many microbreweries tend to exist in clusters, such as many of the microbreweries in the South Bay. While groups of breweries can exist near each other like this, some areas just do not have any real breweries at all. If you draw a quadrilateral from Downtown Los Angeles to the middle of the San Gabriel Valley to Anaheim to the South Bay, one will notice a stark lack of microbreweries (sans Downey Brewing, which hardly counts since they do not bottle nor distribute their products). Another city used to have virtually no microbreweries present, but as of this past weekend, that city returns to the craft beer scene.

Skyland Ale Works aims to bring a sense of community to the craft beer scene in Corona. Following the untimely closure of Main Street Brewery, Corona has lacked a brewery of its own, and if not for the various supermarkets and restaurants carrying craft beer, would turn Corona into just that one city that people would pass through between Orange County and the Inland Empire. Located just off the 91 Freeway in West Corona, Skyland Ale Works makes full use of their small working space. Stepping into the tasting room, you immediately get the feeling of a Mom & Pop joint, as it does not feel like money bleeds out of the walls here, unlike certain other breweries. As of their grand opening this past Saturday, Skyland Ale had seven beers on tap, plus in-house brewed root beer (vanilla ice cream optional). Their seven beers, listed as Name, ABV, IBU:

  • IPA, 7.0, 85
  • Agave Wheat w/ Honeydew, 7.5, 15
  • Irish Amber, 6.2, 25
  • Belgian Blonde, 6.4, 30
  • Chocolate Porter, 6.8, 20
  • Chocolate Porter w/ Chipotlé, 6.8, 20
  • IPA w/ Green Chiles, 7.0, 85

They planned to have the regular Agave Wheat without honeydew available, but the batch did not pass the quality test.

Craft beer enthusiasts ought to seek out Skyland Ale and support them to promote the growth of craft beer. Interested visitors can find them at 109 N Maple St Ste C in Corona, on the corner of Maple St and Pomona Rd. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for future updates going on at Skyland Ale. As always, stay on the lookout for new craft beers in your local area!


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